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today IDS 22 March 2017

DESIGNS FOR VISION SETZT AUF WIRELESS WIRELESS ILLUMINATION WITH DESIGNS FOR VISION (cid:132) Designs for Vision setzt mit der Einführung des LED DayLite Wire- Less Mini-Scheinwerfers die Ent- wicklung des elektrooptischen De- signs fort. International zum ersten Mal auf der IDS erhältlich, ermög- licht die drahtlose Gestaltung voll- ständige Bewegungsfreiheit. Der Scheinwerfer kann an jeder Lupen- oder Brillenfassung angebracht wer- den. Die Firma bietet fünf zusätzliche LED-Scheinwerfer-Designs für die in- dividuellen Bedürfnisse des einzel- nen Zahnarztes an. in Seit über 50 Jahren ist Designs for Vision als Hersteller von kun- denspezifi schen Präzisionsoptiken für Chirurgen internationalen Märkten tätig. Inzwischen hat sich das Unternehmen auf das Gebiet der Zahnmedizin ausgeweitet. Derzeit ist es Marktführer bei Zahnärzten in den USA und wächst in vielen inter- nationalen Märkten. Ab 2017 wer- den die Designs for Vision-Lupen und LED-Scheinwerfer Zahnärzten in Deutschland über einen lokalen Händler vertrieben. Designs for Vision war das erste Unternehmen, das TTL chirur- gische Lupen zum Vergrößern und Verbessern der Sehschärfe des Ar- beitsfeldes entwickelte. Die Lupen werden aus den hochwertigsten Objektiven hergestellt, um eine echte Vergrößerung und die größte Lichtdurchlässigkeit zu gewährleis- ten. Jedes Paar von Lupen ist auf die interpupilläre Distanz des Arz- tes, Brillen, Rezept und Arbeitsab- stand personalisiert. Benutzerdefi - nierte Einstellung des Arbeitsab- standes ermöglicht es jedem Arzt, eine richtige ergonomische Position ohne Kompromisse im Komfort zu erreichen. Das traditionelle Design der Lu- pen wurde vor Kurzem mit dem Zu- satz der Micro Series 2.5x und 3.5x EF Lupen revolutioniert. Diese Lu- pen bieten ein geringes Gewicht mit maximaler Vergrößerung des Seh- vermögen. Designs for Vision aktua- lisiert ständig seine Frame-Auswahl und bietet sowohl traditionelle Designs, wie die Yeoman, und Sport- Designs, als auch Nike Skylon und Nike Run. (cid:26) (cid:132) Designs for Vision continues to in- novate in electro-optical design with the introduction of the LED DayLite WireLess Mini headlight. Available for the fi rst time internationally at IDS, this wireless design allows complete freedom of movement. Ac- cording to the company, the head- light can be attached to any loupes or eyeglass frame. Designs for Vi- sion offers fi ve additional LED head- light designs to suit the needs of each doctor. For over 50 years, Designs for Vi- sion has been custom manufacturing precision optical devices for surgeons worldwide. The company also ex- panded into the dental fi eld and is a market leader with dentists and den- tal students in the US and continues to grow internationally. Beginning in 2017, Designs for Vision loupes and LED headlights will be available to German dentists through a local dis- tributor. AD Visit our booth at IDS 2017 L058/M059 Live Technical Demonstrations New Finishing & Polishing Products Looking to become a Valplast Distributor? Now Recruiting Dealers Worldwide 26 37th International Dental Show 2017 · 22. März 22 March © Copyright Valplast International Corp. 2017 industry Designs for Vision was the fi rst to create TTL surgical loupes to magnify and enhance visual acuity of the working fi eld. The loupes are made from the highest quality lenses to en- sure true magnifi cation and the great- est light transmission. Each pair of loupes is individualised according to the doctor’s interpupillary distance, eyeglass prescription, and working distance. Custom setting the working distance allows each doctor to achieve proper ergonomic position and with- out any compromise in comfort. The traditional loupes design was revolutionised recently with the addi- tion of the Micro Series 2.5x and 3.5x EF loupes. These loupes offer light weight magnifi cation with maximum peripheral vision. Designs for Vision is continually updating frame choices and offers both traditional designs, such as the Yeoman, and sport de- signs, such as Nike Skylon and Nike Run. (cid:26) Designs for Vision, USA Hall 2.2 Booth D041 TREATMENT REVOLUTION WITH B+ IMPLANT (cid:132) MIS is offi cially launching its latest improvement in im- plant engineering at the International Dental Show in Co- logne. The B+ is a monolayer consist- ing of multi-phospho- nate molecules that was designed to inte- grate into the sur- face chemistry of the titanium dioxide of the implant, while, at the same time, creat- ing a layer that per- fectly integrates with existing and newly forming bone. Dr Bjorn-Owe Aronsson, Chair- man of the Board at Nano Bridging Molecules (NBM) in Switzerland, and his team developed this unique sur- face that according to a number of case studies has proven very effi cient in maintaining bone level over time. This feature is particularly benefi cial for patients with compromised bone healing and poor blood supply. The specifi c bone-bonding properties of the surface have proven to produce greater fi xation of the implant in the early stages post placement, as well as greater stability in later stages. "Titanium is used as implant ma- terial owing to its inertness and good acceptance by the human body. Over the years, however, a demand for faster and more predictable integra- tion with the bone has been driving research around the importance of the surface structural and chemical properties,“ Aronsson explained. B+ phosphonates have a very high affi nity to the titanium dioxide, which establishes a true covalent chemical bond. The unique properties of this layer also make it extremely hy- drophilic, which facilitates the coloni- sation of cells on the surface in a natural way. Research has even shown that blood vessels grow directly into the sur- face of the implant, which is unaffected by the oral environ- ment and has been proven very stable in different pH levels. "With the initial results from testing of the B+ surface it was discovered that for the fi rst time spe- cifi c bio-chemical bonding can be ob- tained already at the very early heal- ing phase after implantation,” Arons- son said. Very excited about these discover- ies, MIS immediately saw the potential for a major breakthrough. Aronsson and his team searched for the right company to partner and were equally enthusiastic about embarking onto the commercialisation phase with a company who was able to provide them with fast implementation and a strong position in the market to take their product forward. Currently, MIS has launched a user experience proj- ect, which includes 250 doctors from around the globe who each will be us- ing 10 of the B+ treated implants and report their fi ndings afterwards. Re- sults of studies conducted by Arons- son and his team were extremely promising and both partners are ex- ploring future applications for this ad- vancement. (cid:26) MIS-IMPLANTS, Israel Hall 4.1 Booth B030-D039

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