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The Modern Dental Practice

modern dentistry_ extraoral imaging I Being direct with extraoral imaging Author_ Carey Sipe _Over the years, dentists have shared insightful feedback with us about what elements are of key importance to them. One word routinely surfaces over and over again: Direct. _Direct digital At a time when technology is changing and being adopted at an extremely fast pace, it is critical to offer solutions that provide the practitioner with immediate results. In the past, with film X-ray machines, processors and darkrooms, it would take up valuable minutes to produce a panoramic image. Now, with direct digital imaging, the patient can view the X-ray in real-time on the monitor. This time savings yields many efficiency gains for a practice while concurrently enhancing the patient experience. _Direct benefits Extraoral imaging extends patients the oppor- tunity to see their entire mouth in a single X-ray. This allows the practitioner to identify problematic areas and offer a thorough treatment plan. With this co-diagnosis tool, the patient can be involved (Photos/Provided by Panoramic) in the process, increasing the likelihood of accepting recommendations. The clinical benefits of panoramic imaging have been well-documented over the years, including: anatomical assessment of the entire oral cavity and surrounding structures; identification of jaw fractures; development, position and eruption of primary teeth; assessment and diagnosis of TMJ disorders; locating hidden decay, dental abscesses, cysts, tumors, impacted and supernumerary teeth; early diagnosis of oral cancer; and assessment of I 09

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