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The Modern Dental Practice

modern dentistry_ communication I to improve the efficiency and profitability of your practice. • Track performance across your practice. Gain insights into call volume, average call duration, peak call times, frequency with which patient issues are resolved on a single call and more to assist management in making your practice more effective at handling patient calls. _Simplify your systems, improve your service, enjoy greater success Today, many of the tools used to manage patient data and communication are found in a range of applications, software packages and phone systems made by a variety of companies. Having that technology seamlessly interact with the information that will help you create an immediate connection and a lasting impression on your patients will go far in keeping them happy and ensuring they stick around. With the following capabilities, you will keep patients coming back time and time again: • Know who customers are the moment they call. Ensure vital customer details pop up on a computer screen the moment the phone rings. Give your staff a 360-degree view of each customer, including notes regarding previous and future care, insurance information, balances owed, etc., as soon as that customer calls. You’ll save time for your customers and employees and make a better impression. • Ensure patient data is always there when you need it. Provide tools that allow your employees to view and interact with information about your patient via computer, phone or other device. Instant access to patient data provides familiarity that can enhance the conversation and ensure that important details like missed appointments and overdue balances are easily handled. • Take advantage of all the features you need today — and tomorrow. It’s no use spending on technology that doesn’t meet your practice’s most basic — but crucially important — needs. And it’s no use spending on a system that doesn’t allow you to grow, scale and adapt quickly to changing technologies and patient demand. Your phone system is your lifeblood. Integrating your phones with applications that allow you to more easily connect with your patients and more effectively manage your staff’s time and success can make a tremendous difference to your bottom line. _Make every interaction meaningful and effective (Photo/Provided by Weave) for many offices. Customer communication is the key to business growth, which depends on making them feel well cared for and cared about. Enter Weave. Weave is a simple but powerful tool that provides timely insights to make everyday interactions with customers more meaningful and effective — improving patient communication efforts by working seamlessly with existing practice management software and making patient data instantly available when a phone call is answered by your office. Benefits of Weave features that contribute to excellent customer communication: • Screen pop: Instant, on-screen, caller-ID displays patient information needed to provide the best possible patient experience. • Conversational text messaging: Text in your own way and in your own words, so your patients always feel there is a person on the other end of the communication, not a computer. • Calendaring tasks: Receive prompts to act on outstanding tasks so you never miss an opportunity to schedule an appointment, collect a balance or even schedule appointments with other members of your patient’s family. • Reviews app: Increase your online search presence and grow revenues with quality reviews from your patients. You can automate review invitations for each patient after their appointment and make sure their reviews are automatically posted online to the most effective sites. • Mobile app: Follow up on patient care and call or text them from your mobile device anywhere, anytime. The complex and time-consuming nature of run- ning a practice is often one of the biggest challenges Learn more about what Weave can do for your practice today: I 05

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