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The Modern Dental Practice

I modern dentistry_ communication Make every patient contact a personal one: Why communication is everything to your patients Author_Weave Staff Patients want doctors who care. While patients expect a high standard of care from any practitioner they see, what keeps them coming back is a feeling that they aren’t just a number but an individual. _When considering what is really important to the success of your practice, clear, reliable communication is likely at the heart of the matter. But there is more to patient communication than you might think — be careful not to overlook the following factors when identifying how to provide the best possible experience for your patients: • Constantly transform customer service efforts. Every practice must track the performance of people, processes and workflows to know how well they are delivering a satisfying patient experience. Continually modifying policies, processes and operations to enhance patient interactions — from first contact to most recent — can greatly impact your patient relationships. • Focus on patient retention. With improved communication, practices can quickly increase patient satisfaction and easily reduce patient attrition. Remember: Retaining customers and reducing churn is less costly than attracting a new patient. • Analyze patient data in new and powerful ways. Focus your production and service efforts by better understanding what your patients need and how they prefer to interact. Find profitability gaps in your schedule and patient data so you can determine where to best spend your time and effort 04 I

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