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The Modern Dental Practice

I modern dentistry_ training (Photo/Svilen Milev, Add it up and you are losing out on more than $10,000 in missed revenue per month. And if you look long-term at the lifetime value of a new patient, with the lifetime averaging 10 years, that’s approximately $100,000 that you just lost over the next 10 years from one month of failing to convert just that one call per day. The second reason call conversion is important is that to make up for lost opportunities, you’re going to have to work harder. You’re going to spend more money on marketing and be in the office for more hours. So you’re working harder — not smarter. Finally, missed call conversion opportunities are a drain on energy. You have to keep trying to fix the same problems again, again and again. Not only are you losing money but you’re losing energy. You are not focused on what you do best — dentistry. You’re going home saying, “What did I accomplish today? I was busy but I wasn’t productive.” _What to do? The solution to poor call conversion is a Fortune- 500-based-system of training that empowers your front office team to increase their effectiveness. All-Star Dental Academy teaches a patient-centric, service-based system of call conversion called the GREAT Call Process™. GREAT is an acronym. It stands for Greeting, Rap- port, Engage, Asking for the appointment, and Taking Information. it helps your front office team create a connection — or rapport — with callers. This is a critical component of establishing long-lasting, profitable relationships with patients. You will see three significant benefits of employ- ing the GREAT Call Process to build relationships with patients. First, you’re going to have more high- quality patients that make appointments. Second, those patients are going to accept treatment because they trust you and your practice. And finally, they are going to refer their friends and family because they feel like they are treated with care. Compared to your competition, you stand out. Ultimately, through building rapport with your patients, they will show up and are set up to accept treatment. Evidence of the value All-Star Dental Academy and the GREAT Call Process bring to the industry is our relationships with leading dental organiza- tions, such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Academy of Implant Dentistry and The Academy of General Dentistry. They agree that a relationship-focused philosophy is best for the patient and the practice. I want to invite you to learn more about All-Star Dental Academy and the GREAT Call Process at our website,, or sign up for a free online training event where we dive deeper into the power of phone skills to transform your practice. Visit and choose The cornerstone of the GREAT Call Process is that a day and time that works best for you._ 18 I

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