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The Modern Dental Practice

modern dentistry_ training I Earn an extra $10,000 a month with just your phone! Author_ Alex Nottingham _I’m often asked a tough question: What can an independent dentist easily do to improve the prac- tice’s production? And the tenor of these queries is growing ever-more frantic as competition gets fiercer (especially competition from corporate prac- tices). I have an answer to that question, and while it is not effortless, what I offer is extremely effective. Solution: Improve your call conversion. One of the critical steps in attracting new patients to your practice is converting interest generated by your advertising efforts into actual patients in the chair. In almost every case, this conversion takes place over the phone. A well-crafted marketing strategy is important in this process, but for potential patients to become actual patients, there absolutely must be a kind and engaged voice on the phone rep- resenting your practice that works effectively to get callers to book appointments. Why is call conversion important? The answers to that should be obvious: First, call conversion directly affects revenue. Consider that when prospective pa- tients call, they have acknowledged a need for dental work, researched your office, found your phone number and made the time to call. They are primed to do business with you. The average dental practice receives 135 new patient opportunities per month, but only 48 of those opportunities convert to appointments. That’s only a 35 percent conversion rate. Basically, two-thirds of calls into the practice are not booking appointments. That’s 87 appointments not booked. _The COSTS of poor conversion According to the American Dental Association, the first-year value of a new patient averages $642. If the typical dental office is open four days per week, we have 16 working days per month. For simplicity, let’s assume only one missed conversion opportunity per day. From those statistics above, you can see that typically it is much, much more than one per day. But for our calculations, we’ll just say one per day. That’s 16 missed opportunities per month, at the ADA’s $642 per new patient. I 17

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