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The Modern Dental Practice

I modern dentistry_ extraoral imaging The PC-4000, left, and Encompass, right. implant sites to name a few. Spatial relationships and tooth positions are more easily viewed along with as many as 50 distinct and relevant dental landmarks. _Direct ROI With available clinical data, the practitioner can offer treatment plans to improve the overall health of the patient. This will result in future production from crowns, bridges, extractions, endodontic treatments and implants. Proper utilization of the panoramic imaging code (D0330), in addition to new 3-D scanning options, typically generates revenue for the practice to more than pay for the equipment investment within just one to two years. _Direct support None of us expect to have issues with the products we buy or the services we receive. However, it is always nice to know that if a problem arises, it will be attended to in a timely manner by individuals who are equipped and experienced in what they do. Utilizing a nationwide network of certified techni- cians in the field, combined with in-house experts, we surround offices with a unique level of attention for product questions and assistance. _Direct access importance of giving practitioners a direct line to the manufacturer. Whether facility tours in Indiana to watch products being made, an opportunity to meet the customer-centric teams that daily serve practices with focused excellence or just an outlet to solicit feedback, most individuals want to know their opinion matters. This allows the manufacturer a powerful con- nection with the market for product improvements and process refinement to accommodate those that matter most: our customers and the patients they serve. Panoramic Corporation has been serving the dental community for more than 30 years by offering reliable equipment designed with intuitive operation, yielding exceptional, consistent image quality. Foundational principles of quality, service and value guide our direction as we provide panoramic, cephalometric and 3-D imaging solutions that not only give clinicians the diagnostic capabilities they need but also aid in the provision of extending en- compassing care to the patients they serve. It is our promise to embrace the heritage of our past with award-winning products such as the PC-1000, PC-4000 and Encompass, while creating a customer experience which dental practitioners can trust. To learn more, contact us at Another resounding theme for customers is the or call (800) 654-2027._ 10 I

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