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Endo Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No. 6, 2016

November-December 2016 | No. 6, Vol. 6 ENDO TRIBUNE TheWorld’sEndodonticNewspaper MiddleEast&AfricaEdition Published in Dubai FKG Dentaire SA 3D agility_ The One to Shape your Success Providing ease of use, resistance to cyclic fatigue, swiftness and effectiveness, the new XP-endo® Shaper is the amazing single-file system developed by FKG Dentaire SA ByFKG The XP-endo® range of instruments isdesignedtofacilitatetheclinicians’ practice, while maximising endo- dontic treatment quality and safety. The XP-endo® Shaper provides the general dentists, as well as the spe- cialists, with a very innovative endo- donticfile. This broad-spectrum instrument is indicated for the shaping of the vast majorityofrootcanals: - Manufactured using the patented MaxWire® alloy, the XP-endo® Shap- er features extreme flexibility and remarkable fatigue strength, com- pared to competitive instruments of thesamefinalsize.Ithasthecapacity toexpandandtheabilitytoprogress with agility within the canal, with a reduced risk of torsional fatigue. From its initial .01 taper, the XP-en- do® Shaper can expand to achieve a minimum.04taper. - Equipped with the Booster Tip (BT), offering 6 cutting edges, the XP- endo® Shaper starts shaping at ISO diameter 15 and then increases its working scope to achieve ISO diam- eter30. The BT tip maintains the instru- ment centered and avoids ledging or straighteningoftherootcanal. Thanks to its small core diameter, its cutting efficiency and the stream generated in the irrigation fluid, large amount of dentine micro-de- bris are evacuated efficiently. This prevents the risk of debris compac- tion into canal irregularities, as well as it limits the risk of extrusion be- yondtheapex. Used after preparing a glide path to minimumISO15/.02,itallowsreach- ing a final canal preparation of at leastISO30/.04. These technical advantages com- bined with high-speed continuous rotation and minimum torque, minimise the stresses exerted onto the canal walls and prevent the risk ofmicro-cracks.TheXP-endo® Shaper has a gentle, non-aggressive action and promotes conservative procedures. With this new instrument, FKG Den- taire supports general dentists and endodontists to perform the root canal shaping simply, quickly, safely andwithjustoneinstrument. Availablein21,25and31mmlengths, the XP-endo® Shaper is packed in sterileblisterof6instruments. AvailablefromSeptember2016 FKGDentaireSA Crêt-du-Locle4 CH-2304LaChaux-de-Fonds,Switzerland T.+41329242244 |

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