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Dental Tribune Canada Edition No.4, 2016

A4 Dental Tribune Canada Edition | November 2016 Ad By Isolite Systems Staff Dental isolation is one of the most com- mon and ongoing challenges in dentistry. The mouth is a difficult environment in which to work. It is wet and dark, the tongue is in the way, and there is the added humidity of breath, which all make dentistry more difficult. Proper dental isolation and moisture control are two often overlooked factors that can affect the longevity of dental work — especially with today’s advanced techniques and materials. Leading dental isolation methods have long been the rubber dam — or manual suction and retraction with the aid of cotton rolls and dry angles. Both of these Isolite Systems delivers dental-isolation technology Isolite Mouthpieces are available in six patient-friendly sizes. Photo/Provided by Isolite Systems methods are time and labor intensive, and not particularly pleasant for the patient. Enter Isolite Systems. Its dental isolation systems deliver an isolated, humidity- and moisture-free working field as dry as the rubber dam but with significant advantages, including better visibility, greater access, improved patient safety and a leap forward in comfort. Plus, it al- lows dentists to work in two quadrants at a time. ‘Isolation Mouthpiece’ The key to the technology is the “Isolation Mouthpiece.” Compatible with Isolite’s full line of products, the mouthpiece is the heart of the system. It is specifically designed and engineered around the anatomy and morphology of the mouth to accommodate every patient, from chil- dren to the elderly. The single-use Isolation Mouthpieces are now available in six sizes and position in seconds to provide complete, comfort- able tongue and cheek retraction while also shielding the airway to prevent in- advertent foreign body aspiration. Constructed out of a polymeric materi- al that is softer than gingival tissue, the mouthpieces provide significant safety advantages, and their ease-of-use can boost your practice’s efficiency, results and patient satisfaction. Isolite, Isodry and Isovac Isolite Systems provides three state-of- the-art product solutions for every prac- tice, every operatory: Isolite, illuminated dental isolation system; Isodry, a non- illuminated dental isolation; and the new Isovac, dental isolation adapter. Using the Isolation Mouthpieces, all three dental isolation products isolate up- per and lower quadrants simultaneously while providing continuous hands-free suction. This allows a positive experi- ence where the patient no longer has the sensation of drowning in saliva/water during a procedure, and the practitioner can precisely control the amount of suc- tion and humidity in the patient’s mouth. Isolite Systems’ dental isolation is recom- mended for the majority of dental pro- cedures where oral control and dental isolation in the working field is desired. It has been favorably reviewed by leading independent evaluators and is recom- mended for procedures where good isola- tion is critical to quality dental outcomes. Learn more about the Isolite system on- line at INDUSTRY

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