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today EAO Paris Sep. 30 & Oct. 1, 2016

business 25th EAO Annual Scientific Meeting 27  Owing to its minimally invasive approach, piezoelectric surgery has gained increasing acceptance in var- ious pre-implant surgical proce- dures. The benefits of ultrasonic power have been widely proven and demonstrated. It’s use is highly pre- cise and safe selective, offers mini- mal bone loss, optimal visibility as well as superior healing with re- duced post-operative pain for better comfort for both patient and practi- tioner. Specially designed to meet every- one’s goal of improving patient care, the ACTEON ImplantCenter 2 surgi- cal unit was developed as a highly reliable tool whose unmatched per- formance combined with clinical ex- pertise paves the way for faster, more precise, and painless pre-implant sur- geries. The combination of the most advanced ultrasonic and rotating technologies provides total independ- ence in increasingly diverse clinical areas. According to the manufacturer Acteon, the ImplantCenter 2 repre- sents the perfect combination of safety and speed. All surgical appli- cations, ranging from implantology to periodontal treatment, can be cov- ered with this one single unit. Its el- egant design, LED handpieces and large user-friendly touch-sensitive screen make it the ideal device dedi- cated to bone surgery, the company said. The exclusive and patented NEWTRON technology allows more preservation og tissue with minimal bone loss. It is non-active on soft tis- sue, limiting the risk of tissue le- sions. Frequency adjustment and power regulation offer maximal per- formances and effortless cut ad- justed to the resistance met by the tip. The irrigation flow rate manages by the peristaltic water pump can be precisely controlled to cool down the site to prevent intraosseous tempera- ture rise and bone necrosis. The ImplantCenter 2 also opti- mises the visibility on the surgical field thanks to the ultra-powerful white light for better distinction of the tissues. Clinicians can choose be- tween three modes (Piezotome for pre-implant surgery, I-SURGE im- plantology motor and NEWTRON for all conventional treatments) depend- ing on the treatment. Each mode can be customised in terms of ultrasonic power, speed rotation, contra-angle, irrigation, torque and saved. The Piezotome mode facilitates and improves the safety of delicate pre-implant surgical procedures. Thanks to the ultrasonic frequencies (28–36 kHz), ImplantCenter 2 works selectively on hard tissue without adversely affecting soft tissue and surrounding anatomical areas such as blood vessels and nerves. The modulated piezo signal (alternation between high and low amplitudes of signal) allows tissue relaxation and excellent cell repair for a clean cut and better healing. The six ceramic rings of the Piezotome LED handpiece significantly boost the power of the generator for fast inter- ventions but at the same time limit the risk of soft tissue lesion. The innovative Piezotome tips are specially designed to suit the dif- ferent clinical procedures and ana- tomical situations encountered in pre-implant practice. This wide range is supposed to help the practi- tioner to perform fine osteotomy, os- teoplasty, sinus elevation (lateral and crestal), ridge expansion, extrac- tion, Piezocision (surgical orthodon- tic treatment). The NEWTRON mode, intended for conventional treatment, allows the use of the widest range of tips on the market, suitable for periodontal treatment, implant maintenance, prophylaxis, endodontics and surgi- cal endodontics, as well as conserva- tive and restorative dentistry. The I-SURGE rotating mode convinces with its unsurpassed con- stant torque and steady high-perfor- mance, even in lower revolution ranges. This motor provides a wide range from 100 to 40.000 rpm, which is the widest revolution range in its class. And with 6 Ncm, it provides unrivalled torque in micro-motors, which allows smooth function of the drill. The progressive footswitch allows to adjust the required power according to the anatomical con- straints encountered in Piezotome, NEWTRON® and I-SURGE modes. There is also a traditional ON/OFF function. To limit cross contamina- tion, special attention was given to the footswitch design to facilitate ac- cess to the various parameters, such as modes, irrigation, purge, choice of the active instrument (handpiece/ motor) and speed regulation, without having to touch the device screen. Furthermore, the metal arch allows clinicians to move it at their conven- ience.  Acteon Group, France Booth S27 IMPLANTCENTER 2 FOR FAST AND SECURE BONE SURGERIES  Introduced in May at the third MIS Global Conference, held in Bar- celona in Spain, VCONCEPT is a ho- listic approach intended to provide clinicians with all the tools neces- sary for a successful and complete rehabilitation process. The innova- tive V3 implant and the advanced prosthetic system, resulting in a greater volume of bone and soft tis- sue, delivered a clear message of in- novation, aesthetics and simplicity. The V3 provides clinicians with a better starting point. The unique triangular shape of the coronal part of the implant reduces the amount of titanium and allows more room for bone growth. The compression-free gaps at the top portion of the V3 pro- vide a reservoir for blood pooling and the formation of blood clots, which leads to enhanced bone growth at the crestal area around the implant, according to MIS Im- plants Technologies. A consistent concave emergence profile, which more closely resem- bles natural contours, of all pros- thetic components allows for a more efficient restorative procedure and the gain of extra soft-tissue volume for more favourable aesthetic re- sults. Dentists can utilise all the im- pressive VCONCEPT benefits of greater bone and soft-tissue volume without having to learn new proto- cols or procedures. In addition, a ded- icated V3 surgical kit makes proce- dures especially simple, safe and ac- curate. Simplicity is a driving force for all innovations by MIS. An excerpt from the VCONCEPT video shown in Barcelona emphasises MIS’s view re- garding following nature: “There’s no need to change nature, its perfect just the way it is. We need to become part of it and learn from it. When we rid ourselves of our preconceptions, we reshape our mindset. We make room for more nature, which is to our advantage.” Expanding on the V3 and its groundbreaking qualities, MIS CEO Idan Kleifeld said: “We would like to be the most innovative dental im- plant company in the world.”  MIS Implants Technologies, Israel Booth P1 MIS SHOWCASES INNOVATIVE VCONCEPT MIS SHOWCASES INNOVATIVE VCONCEPT