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today EAO Paris Sep. 30 & Oct. 1, 2016

business 25th EAO Annual Scientific Meeting 24  The best ideas come from experi- enced practitioners. Since its incep- tion in 1999, this has been the guid- ing principle and reason for the suc- cess of the CAMLOG Implant Sys- tem. Today, CAMLOG offers a comprehensive portfolio of lead- ing-edge products for implant and re- storative dentistry. During booth presentations held over the course of the European Association for Osseo- integration (EAO) congress, promi- nent speakers are going to share their knowledge with visitors and present their expertise on digital dentistry, guided surgery and the COMFOUR abutment system. CAMLOG’s implant systems fea- ture an ideal number of system com- ponents and offer easy and efficient handling properties. The Tube-in- Tube implant–abutment connection with its unmistakable three cams has proven itself with millions of successful implantations. In compar- ative studies, the connection has achieved good results with regard to a tight and precise fit. The three cams and precision connection ge- ometry ensure quick and easy inser- tion, as well as alignment of the abut- ment. Perfect transfer and time-sav- ing handling are only two of the many benefits of the Tube-in-Tube connection. CAMLOG has followed the same principles with its CONELOG Implant System, featuring a conical implant–abutment connec- tion. Both implant systems have the same outer geometry (SCREW-LINE) and therefore only one surgical set is needed for both. With the COMFOUR system, cli- nicians can offer their edentulous pa- tients immediate, comfortable and permanent solutions on four or six implants. The multifunctional sys- tem allows for occlusal screw- retained bars, as well as single-tooth and bridge restorations on straight and angled CAMLOG and CONELOG bar abutments. Major advantages of the COMFOUR Abutment System are its versatility and optimised product design that offer both users and patients greater comfort. With its options for bar, single- tooth and bridge restorations, COMFOUR expands the choice of screw-retained prostheses. It is sup- ported by a number of technical ad- vantages, including an anti-rotation mechanism, a pre-mounted flexible handle and an alignment tool compatible with the CAMLOG Guide System in 17° and 30° angles, all in a low and slim design. Perfect positioning of the im- plants is critical to the long-term stability and success of reconstruc- tion. As an option in conventional planning procedures, the Guide System provides a template-guided alternative for implant placement based on various digital 3-D plan- ning systems. All physiological structures can be considered when planning the exact implant posi- tion. The high degree of accuracy of CAMLOG products and their ease of use allow users to take advan- tage of all the benefits of soft- ware-based 3-D implant planning and to implement them independ- ent of a system. Furthermore, users are given the option of working with multiple 3-D planning pro- grammes. Being intelligent, lean and sim- ple, iSy is the latest generation of the CAMLOG implant systems. As im- plied by the name and experienced in every case, the compact system design offers efficiency and simplic- ity to users through a unique work- flow. The iSy Implant System has gained numerous supporters owing to the benefits of being a cost-effi- cient solution with first-class quality. iSy implants, healing caps, multi- functional caps and a single patient form drill are included in a single set. The iSy concept is based solely on transgingival healing and is used by many customers to attract more pa- tients desiring restorations with im- plants. Modern technology and materi- als expand the possibilities in pros- thetics. All implant systems from CAMLOG are optimally designed for the digital workflow. With DEDICAM, CAMLOG offers its customers a com- prehensive range of services for CAD/ CAM-fabricated reconstructions.1 The company provides certified continuing education courses for both dentists and oral and maxillofa- cial surgeons that are presented by distinguished speakers. For begin- ners in implant dentistry, CAMLOG arranges their participation in im- plantations carried out by experi- enced implantologists. At the EAO congress, attendees will be able to meet experts and share in their ex- pertise on the following dates: Friday, September 30 – 10:30: Digital dentistry, Dr Selim Pamuk – 12:30: Guided surgery, Dr Mario Beretta – 15:00: COMFOUR, Dr Mario Beretta Saturday, October 1 – 10:30: Digital dentistry, Dr Selim Pamuk – 12:30: Product news, Henry Schein representative  1 DEDICAM is not available in all countries. CAMLOG Biotechnologies, Switzerland Booth G01 BOOTH TALKS BY EXPERIENCED CAMLOG EXPERTS  According to TRI Dental Implants, its solutions are developed to stream- line the clinical process and improve product performance in the hands of the practitioner. The company thus pursues true design innovations that will advance surgical performance. The latest such product by the Swiss implant manufacturer is its new touchless TRI Pod, which it is pre- senting at the annual scientific con- gress of the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) in Paris in France. This concept combines simplicity with innovative design and allows the clinician to pick up the implant directly with the surgi- cal handpiece in one step, thereby ensuring that the TRI SBA surface re- mains untouched and the workflow is optimised. The implant can be in- serted with a ratchet, with the surgi- cal handpiece or by hand. According to the company, TRI Pod integrates the latest engineering expertise and innovation and is produced in Swit- zerland. TRI’s focus on simplification is embodied in the new TRI Surgical Kit, which can be used for all TRI product lines (bone- and tissue-level implants). The drilling protocol has been enormously simplified, the number of components reduced and instrument selection made easier with colour coding. The insertion tool now features a spring-loaded ruby to ensure consistent retention. Furthermore, the entire surgical kit can be placed into the thermal dis- infector without first removing the instruments. In addition to its latest innova- tions, TRI is presenting its entire line of minimally invasive implants. TRI has a range of 6 mm implants avail- able for the standard bone- and tis- sue-level implant lines, and has now added a minimally invasive solution for the TRI Narrow line (D: 3.3 mm) with a 10 mm length implant.”Owing to the crestal thread design of the implant and the tapered implant body, a high pri- mary stability can be achieved, the company said. The TRI Narrow portfolio is ideal for minimally in- vasive procedures in cases of limited horizontal bone and will significantly reduce surgical time for the practitioner. TRI has recently received a cer- tificate for the high cleanliness and precision of the TRI SBA surface based on the latest European Associ- ation of Dental Implantologists’ im- plant study at the University of Co- logne in Germany. The study found that the roughness of the TRI SBA surface is in the ideal range, prob- lems having been observed both with very smooth surfaces and with very rough surfaces. In addition, TRI has just received the preliminary re- sults of a study conducted in collab- oration with the University of Basel showing excellent primary stability of the company’s implants that out- performs all of the competing sys- tems included. The newest findings will be presented at the TRI booth at the EAO congress. Visitors are in- vited to join the company during the daily happy hour and receive one of the limited TRI Pod launch packages free.  TRI Dental Implants, Switzerland Booth S13 TRI OUTPERFORMS COMPETITION IN TWO NEW STUDIES, PRESENTS TRI POD AT EAO  The iSy all-in-set includes: one implant, one healing cap, two multifunctional caps and a single patient form drill.  The CAMLOG and CONELOG Implant Systems with the COMFOUR Abutment System, the Guide System and a DEDICAM CAD/CAM solution. with a 10 mm length implant.”Owing to the crestal thread design of the implant and the tapered implant body, a high pri- mary stability can be achieved, the company said. The TRI Narrow portfolio is ideal for minimally in- vasive procedures in  TRI Pod  TRI Surgical Kit