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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa No. 4, 2016

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 4/2016 7 industry BRILLIANT EverGlowTM 002751 Universal Submicron Hybrid Composite The glow of the art | Outstanding polishability and gloss retention  Brilliant single-shade restorations  Ideal handling through a smooth consistency  Good wettability on the tooth surface  SIDEXIS 4 update gives users many new functions and technical improvements ByDentsplySirona Improving performance, integrat- ing SICAT Suite or connecting an ex- ternal camera: the software update gives users many new functions. WithanewSQLserver,compatibility with Windows 10 and other operat- ing systems, the technical functions havealsobeenexpanded. At the end of last year, the SIDEXIS 4 imaging software received the internationally renowned Red Dot Award Best of the Best in the "Com- munication Design" category for its outstanding user friendliness. The new 4.1.3 software update from Dentsply Sirona Imaging now com- bines additional functions for users with technical modifications that further optimize the practice work- flow. Especially in combination with the ORTHOPHOS SL, the SIDEXIS 4 software forms a highly functional andefficientunit.Theupdatealsoof- fers advantages for networking with practice management systems and implantologyplanningororthodon- ticanalysisprograms. New functions make it easier touse The software update now makes it possible to connect intraoral cam- eras from other manufacturers, as well as via Windows Driver Model. When imported images without an imaging date are provided, the user can enter the information manually to have the images displayed chron- ologically in the timeline. The user is provided with a complete patient history from all intraoral, panoram- ic, and 3D X-rays, digital camera im- ages, and face scan data. The update alsoprovidesadditionalimageinfor- mation: The anatomical region and external image type are displayed foreveryimage.Tofacilitateworkfor users, it will now be possible to use copy and paste to insert images into another application, such as image processing or patient management. The program also allows images to be moved retroactively to allocate themtoanotherpatient. No more switching between SICATSuiteapplications The integration of the SICAT Suite software package with the SICAT Function and SICAT AIR applications into the SIDEXIS 4 interface repre- sents a considerable added value for users. SICAT Function allows the three-dimensional visualization of jaw movements for the diagnosis and treatment of craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD). Users can use SICAT Air to order protrusion ap- pliances to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Planning data created by the two software applications are displayed in the timeline and from therecanbeopenedagaindirectlyin the SICAT Suite. The package is inte- grated into the phase bar of SIDEXIS 4 with its own "Plan&Treat Phase." The applications can therefore be selected directly and treatment planning can be started. The loading timesfortherequired3Dimagedata werereducedby50percent. SIDEXIS 4 – state-of-the-art technology The technical aspects of the SIDEXIS 4.1.3softwareversionwereexpanded to Windows 10 and other operating systems. Instead of the previously used SQL Server 2008 R2 database managing system, the SQL Server 2014 is now installed both during initial installation of SIDEXIS 4 and inthecaseofanupdate. Fig.1:WithSIDEXIS4.1.3imagescanbeallocated toanotherpatient. DentsplySirona SironaStraße1 5071WalsbeiSalzburg,Austria T+43(0)6622450-588 F+43(0)6622450-540 Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 4/20167

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