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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa No. 4, 2016

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 4/2016 news 34 Studytoinvestigate effectsofelectronic cigarettesonoral health ByDTI NEWYORK,USA:Althoughelectron- ic cigarettes, that is, battery-powered devices that typically deliver nico- tine in the form of an aerosol, have gained breakthrough market share in recent years, the safety of aerosol mixtures emitted by these devices remains largely unknown. Now, New York researchers have received a grant to determine the adverse health effects of e-cigarette use on oralhealthforthefirsttime. “Based on compelling data from our preliminary research, we hypoth- esize that e-cig aerosol mixtures disrupt the oral cavity’s microenvi- ronment, increasing vulnerability to periodontaldisease,”saidDr.Deepak Saxena from the New York Univer- sity College of Dentistry, which was awarded a four-year $1.6 million grant by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR). “Smoking is a major risk factor for periodontal diseases, immuno- suppression, and impairment of soft tissue and bone cell function,” added co-researcher Dr. Xin Li. “The prospective study we proposed to the NIDCR entails the enrollment of 120 individuals, including 40 non- smokers, 40 individuals who regu- larly smoke cigarettes but do not use e-cigs, and 40 individuals who exclusively use e-cigs and study the effect of e-cig aerosol on periodontal health.” Theresearcherswillrecruitandstrat- ify members of the e-cigarette group by the type of disposable e-cigarette and number of cartridges they con- sume per week. Saliva and subgingi- val plaque samples will be collected from all participants at baseline and after six months. After the second collection, a comparison to the base- line samples will be done to deter- mine whether any dysbiosis in the oral microbiome has occurred. Oral examinations will be performed at bothvisits. “To determine the mechanism by whiche-cigaerosolaffectsoralhealth wewilldesignanovel3-Depigingival tissue model to mimic the oral mi- croenvironment,”Liexplained. The grant received by Saxena and Li was one of seven awarded by NIDCR to promote and improve under- standing of how aerosol mixtures emitted by e-cigarettes affect the oralcavity. According to statistics from 2014 published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 12.6 percent of U.S. adults have tried an e-ciga- rette and about 3.7 percent currently usee-cigarettes. Drs.XinLi(left)andDeepakSaxena testingamachinedesigned toaccept avarietyofe-cigarettevapingdelivery devices.(Photograph:LeoSorel/NYUPhotoBureau) SWISSDENTALACADEMY –forProfessionals byProfessionals ByEMS Given its continuing education and training concept, the SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY is one of the key paceset- ters in dental prophylaxis training. Based on the latest scientific knowl- edge,thetheoryandpracticecourses are taught in terms of practice- oriented requirements. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, you learn how to provide your pa- tients with this gentle, almost pain- less professional dental cleaning. Founded ten years ago, the SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY has educated and trained more than 35,000 at- tendees. The SDA now maintains a trainingnetworkinover25countries and became the most important in- stitutionofitskind. Since March 2016, SDA courses are alsoofferedinDubaiandtwocourses havealreadybeenheld.TheDentists, Perio Specialists and Dental Hygien- ists who participated commented very positively about the new infor- mation and the clinical approach they got. Whether it is Prophylaxis, Perio or Implant Maintenance you are interested in, all programs are ac- credited/recognized by HAAD, DHA andMOH. If you want to learn more about SWISS DENTAL ACADEMY and visit a course, please contact Al-Hayat Pharmaceuticals at +971 6 559 2481 ( SDAHands-onTraining EMSElectroMedicalSystemsGmbH Schatzbogen86 D-81829München Germany T:+4989427161-46 F:+4989427161-60 Pharmaceuticals at +97165592481

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