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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa No. 4, 2016

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 4/2016 29 EVENTS Thirty-three users from 18 countries: International summit for Dentsply Sirona treatment center experts ByDentsplySirona Dentsply Sirona treatment centers must meet the needs of different users all around the world. In order to achieve an in-depth understand- ing of these needs and use them as the basis for further development, the company invited 33 selected us- ers from 18 countries to an exclusive event in Bensheim. It provided the experts for, the first time, with a spe- cialplatformtoexchangeexperienc- es and opinions, both with Dentsply Sironaandeachother. Bensheim/Salzburg: At Dentsply Sirona,thedefinitionofqualitycom- prises the designing of products ac- cording to users' wishes and needs, which may differ from country to country. This is why international dentists are becoming increasingly involved in product development processes. "Listening" was therefore themottoofthefirstglobalKeyUser Summit, a three-day symposium for selected users of Dentsply Sirona treatment centers. From May 30 to June 1, the 33 dentists met at the Ger- manproductionsiteinBensheimfor an attractive program that included exchanging experiences, further de- velopmentandtraining. Ergonomictreatments Animportantaspectofthesymposi- um was working in ergonomic treat- ment positions. Thomas Senghaas, a dentist from Hamburg, clearly demonstrated how the new genera- tion of treatment centers can sup- port dentists while they work. "Up to now, I was not aware of these ergo- nomic training courses, so this was very valuable input for me," said Dr. Michael Parchewsky from Calgary (Canada). The range of topics also in- cludedbriefseminarsonintegration, the digital workflow and infection control as well as an entertaining coachingpresentationoncommuni- cating with colleagues and patients givenbyprominentkeynotespeaker GeorgWawschinekfromVienna. "It is important for us to understand the details of the clinical challenges dentists face," summarized Mari- angela Di Nato, product manager for Treatment Centers and organizer of the first summit. "This is why talking to dentists from different countries is so important because this is the only way we can develop products that make dental treatments better, fasterandsafer." Important exchangeof experiencesamongusers The participants were equally en- thusiastic. Dr. Sun Rui Hong from China said, "The dental world was so small for us and now it has become much bigger. It is vital to exchange experiences with colleagues as this results in a far better understanding of how we can make the best use of our Dentsply Sirona equipment." All of the participants praised the sense of community; Rui Hong called it "a newfamily." Dentsply Sirona provided the high- quality and extensive transfer of knowledge. The participants gained practical insights into the treatment centercreationprocessduringatour of the Dentsply Sirona production halls. The guests from around the Fig1:Thirty-threeparticipantsfrom18countriesmet inBensheimfor training and toexchangeexperienceson treatment centers. Fig. 2: The topics covered in the training courses ranged from ergonomics in dentistry, integrationandthedigitalworkflowtoinfectioncontrolandcommunicationcoaching. DentsplySirona SironaStraße1 5071WalsbeiSalzburg,Austria T+43(0)6622450-588 F+43(0)6622450-540 world also enjoyed a tour of the his- toricalcityofHeidelberg,includinga visittothecastle. ◊Page1 Paneldiscussionat theExpertsCircleheld thedaybefore theSymposium Paneldiscussionat theExpertsCircleheld thedaybefore theSymposium About 1000peopleattended theSymposium OpeningspeechbyRobert Ganley,CEOIvoclarVivadent AG in relation to the placement of all- ceramicrestorations. Analogueordigital,that isthequestion Analogue and digital techniques were at the centre of many presen- tations and these techniques were weighed up against each other. The general consensus was that the fu- ture of dentistry would be signifi- cantly characterized by efficient and yet high-quality digital esthetics, while manual techniques would be associated with achieving the high- estdegreeofnaturalness.Dedication to the patient, paired with intuition andcreativeskills,formsthefounda- tion of every successful treatment, regardless of whether digital or ana- loguemethodsareused. Renownedspeakers PresentationsweredeliveredbyProf. Dr Sidney Kina (Brazil), Prof. Dr Flo- rian Beuer, Prof. Dr Daniel Edelhoff, Dr Andreas Kurbad and Oliver Brix (Germany), Dr Mauro Fradeani and Michele Temperani (Italy), Dr Marko Jakovac (Croatia), Dr João Fonseca (Portugal), Dr Rafael Piñeiro Sande and August Bruguera (Spain) and Dr RonaldoHirataandLeeCulp(USA). ExpertsCircleandaward ceremony Seminal concepts and trends were also discussed the day before the conference: At an "Experts Circle", select speakers delivered short pres- entations and took part in a panel discussion, giving 500 attentive par- ticipants insights into the future of digital dentistry. This was followed by the announcement of the win- nersofthe"IPSe.maxSmileAward". NextSymposiumtobeheldinRome Ivoclar Vivadent's weekend event in Madrid provided the attendees with plenty to talk about and they were invited to continue their conversa- tions at the company's gala dinner held under the theme of "Ivoclar Vi- vadent & Friends". Bringing the con- ference to a close, Sonia Gómara said that the dialogue on dental esthetics would be continued at the 4th In- ternational Expert Symposium in Romein2018. IPS e.max® is a registered trademark ofIvoclarVivadentAG. IvoclarVivadent AG Bendererstr.2 9494Schaan,Liechtenstein See the latest from Crystal Sponsor at 8DFCIC in Dubai 04-05 November 2016 Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 4/201629

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