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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa No. 4, 2016

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 4/2016 27 CAD/CAM The right system for the demands and needs of dentists and patients ByDentsplySirona CEREC satisfies an impressive scope of clinical demands. And now pa- tients can obtain a full contour zirco- niarestorationwithinonesession–a material that is known for tremen- dous strength and biocompatibil- ity, and which offers various clinical workflow advantages for practition- ers. Bensheim/Salzburg: For more than 30 years, CEREC has been offering patients a functional and aesthetic dentalrestorationinjustonesession. DuringthattimeCEREChascontinu- ously added new materials to the system including, PMMA, compos- ites, feldspar and lithium disilicate ceramics. Adding full contour zirco- nia crowns and small bridges to the portfolio completes CEREC’s range of prosthetic indications. Roddy Ma- cLeod, Group Vice President CAD/ CAM at Dentsply Sirona, explains what has prompted the company to takethisstep. Mr. MacLeod, why are you now also offering full contour zirconia for the production of chairside crowns and bridges? Roddy MacLeod: We have noticed two megatrends in dentistry: the continued adoption of digital den- tistry(includingCEREC)anddentists' rapid adoption of full contour zirco- nia, particularly for posterior indica- tions where strength is the priority. As the market leader in CAD/CAM technology, we have naturally com- bined these two trends. The result is the new CEREC Zirconia workflow. We believe that adding full contour zirconia to the existing materials available within CEREC gives the cli- nician the maximum flexibility to handle nearly any clinical situation. And to be able to do it all in a single visit certainly adds patient and prac- ticebenefits. What isspecialabout thisworkflow? Zirconia has been used in dentistry forcloseto20yearssothematerialis familiartoclinicians.Theinnovation now is delivering full contour zir- conia in a single visit. To do this, we havedevelopedtheCERECSpeedFire furnace. Due to its extremely fast sinteringspeed,itenablesdentiststo fabricate crowns and small bridges made of zirconium oxide in a single visit. In addition to fast sintering, glazing is also possible with this fur- nace–afirstinthemarket.Theshort workflow is both convenient and economical. Our CEREC Zirconia blocks are avail- able in 10 shades on the basis of the VITA Classic Shade Guide®. All our CEREC milling units are now wet and dry milling capable. Dry milling is the preferred method for zirconia since it eliminates a drying step be- fore sintering, saving us time. The whole process is guided by our new software CEREC 4.4.1 which makes it very easy even for beginners since the sintering and glazing informa- tion is automatically transferred to thefurnacebythesoftware.Thestaff does not need to program the fur- nace – this is all taken care of in the software. We are convinced that this workflow is the perfect addition to our currentmaterialsetup. What does that mean forpatients? Like before with CEREC, patients get longlast- ing, high-quality, af- fordable care in a single session. But now with full contour zirconia we have expanded our indications into cases where strength of the materialisparamount. In our experience, pa- tients really appreciate single visit treatment. A recent U.S. survey, for example, showed that patients recommend their CEREC dentist 34 percent more often than patients whose dentist does not work with CEREC1 . As advan- tages they mention the time savings, the reduced number of injections and the elimination of impression material and temporar- ies. In Germany, according to an- other patient survey, the majority of patients would be willing to pay more for treatment in one session, andtwothirdsofrespondentswould be willing to travel further (or even changedentists)inexchangeforthat benefit2 . By now expanding CEREC’s indica- tion with full contour zirconia, even more patients can experience the benefitsofsinglevisitdentistry. What doyouthinktheadvantagesfor dentistsare? For dentists, full contour zirconia is the first material acting as a good substitute for the industry-standard PFM and even full cast restora- tions. The reason: the material is very strong and, from a mechanical point of view, sufficiently capable of bearing clinical stress. Full contour zirconia also means we don't have problems with chipping, which can be an issue with conventional mul- tilayered prosthetics. Moreover, the material is biocompatible and less expensive to manufacture. The big- gestadvantagefordentistsisreliabil- ity. The material is nearly indestruct- ible and they don’t need to change their tooth preparation technique or cementing protocol. Zirconia is add- ing to our already excellent portfolio of materials, however with a very crucial role. It has abundant strength and is well suited for those cases where durability and longevity are theprimaryconcerns. Due to its strength, zirconia is often said to be problematic with regard to wear of the antagonist. What role doesthisplay? Yes, it is kind of counter-intuitive. On the one hand you have this in- credibly strong material and we automatically think it must be abra- sive against the antagonist. In fact, we have learned through numer- ous studies that the abrasion is not caused by the hardness, but primar- ily by the surface roughness. This means: the smoother the surface, the less the abrasion. It has been sug- gested that a polished full contour zirconia crown is less abrasive than is a crown made of other materials. Consequently, even bruxism is not a contraindication for the use of zir- conia. Howdoesfullcontourzirconiabehave intermsofaccuracyoffit? Very positively. Since the zirconia blocks are presintered, the material is circa 25 percent larger than in the final, full sintered state. Because the Finisher 10 milling instrument is rel- ativelysmallerthannormalgrinding burs, the margins, lumen and occlu- sion are all milled with the greatest detail. And, since there is no facing on a metal framework there are no overcontoured margins. Overall we see superb fits coming from full contour zirconia restorations and we’re excited to bring these benefits chairside. References 1.EricMowerandAssociatesU.S.den- talpatientsurvey,January2012 2. Exevia GmbH German dental pa- tientsurvey,November2015 RoddyMacLeod,GroupVicePresident CAD/CAM,DentsplySirona DentsplySirona SironaStraße1 5071WalsbeiSalzburg,Austria T+43(0)6622450-0 F+43(0)6622450-540 "Sincethezirconia blocksarepresintered, thematerialiscirca 25percentlarger thaninthefinal,full sinteredstate." Accredited hands-on courses in Aesthetic Dentistry in Dubai ByDentalTribuneMEA/CAPPEvents DUBAI, UAE: Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP Events) announces new courses in Aesthetic Dentistry in No- vember 2016. The courses are aimed at dental professionals whowouldliketoreceive additionalC.E.CreditHoursalongside bringingtheirknowledgetothenextlevel. All below mentioned hands-on courses are part of the annual Dubai Dental Week between 01-07 November 2016 at Jumeirah BeachHotel. The following hands-on courses will be available in Dubai be- tween01-07November2016atJumeirahBeachHotel: 1. DigitalSmileDesignPart1&2 01-02November2016,09:00-18:30 Dr.EduardoMahn,Chile 2. SmileDesign&AestheticRestorativeOptionsPART1&2 02-03November2016,09:00-18:00 Prof.BrianMillar&Mr.BillSharpling,UK 3. Restorative&AestheticCertificateModule2 02-05November2016 Dr.JamesRussell,UK&Prof.JamesPrichard,UK 4. TheStyleItalianoApproachtoVeneers 03November2016,09:00-18:00 Prof.AngeloPutignano,Italy 5. Non-Prep-VeneersandModifiedNon-Prep-Veneers 03November2016,09:00-18:00 Dr.EduardoMahn,Chile 6. DirectVeneers:HowtoCreatetheRightShapeandTex- tureandAchievetheDesireShade 04November2016,09:00-18:00 Dr.EduardoMahn,Chile 7. TipsandTricksofnon–SurgicalPoweredInstrumenta- tionandPolishingtoBrightenSmile 04November2016,09:00-18:00 Dr.GeorgeSanoop,UAE 8. ModernPreparationandCementationforInlays,Onlays andOcclusalVeneers 05November2016,09:00-18:00 Dr.EduardoMahn,Chile 9. AdvanceCompositeCourse(ClosingDiastemasandCor- rectionofPegLaterals) 06November2016,09:00-18:00 Dr.EduardoMahn,Chile 10. TheNewConceptofAlignment,BleachingandBonding (InmanAlignerCertification) 06November2016,09:00-18:00 Dr.TifQureshi,IAAUK 11. IndirectVeneers 06November2016,09:00-18:30 Dr.MunirSilwadi,UAE 12. VeneersVsCrowns:theChallengeinSmileDesign 07November2016,09:00-18:00 Dr.EduardoMahn,Chile 13. IndirectInlays,Onlays&PartialCrowns 07November2016,09:00-18:30 Dr.MunirSilwadi,UAE 14. PracticalClinicalOrthodonticsFellowshipModule1 07-12November2016,08:00-16:00 Dr.DubravkoPavlin,USA Uponcompletionofthehands-oncoursesdelegateswillre- ceiveaccreditationsfromADAC.E.R.P,HealthAuthority–Abu Dhabi(HAAD)andDubaiHealthAuthority(DHA). Contact Theabovementionedcourseshavelimitedspacesavailable andallinterestedparticipantsarerequestedtocontactCAPP thetic2016 See the latest from Platinum Sponsor at 8DFCIC in Dubai 04-05 November 2016 Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 4/201627

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