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today Nobel Biocare Global Symposium June 25, 2016

Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 15 special feature Hear “Yes!” more often Realize your ambitions and achieve your goals with the Nobel Biocare Guide to Growth program by Frederic Love, Nobel Biocare n Over the years, Nobel Biocare has not only provided its customers with the peace of mind associated with tried-and-true prod- ucts and services, it has also successfully helped many of them to revolutionize their practices. In the process, the company has gained great insight into what needs to be done to grow a dental practice today. Nobel Biocare has always delivered the treatment concepts, courses and lectures, hands-on training and expert mentoring necessary to advance a clinician’s professional reach. Today, the company’s consulting sales- people also share insights—acquired over 50 years of heritage and more than 90,000 customers served—about the importance of promoting patient awareness as a practice management skill essential for increasing patient flow. Nobel Biocare has learned that increasing patient awareness of implant- based treatment increases the rate of treat- ment acceptance, the important first step toward ultimate patient satisfaction. Guide to Growth Based on the principal insights into what usually makes an implant-oriented practice successful, this professional pro- gram provides a road map to helping every member of the treatment team reach his or her professional goals. Increased patient acceptance One of the insights upon which Guide to Growth is based—and a key differentiating factor for rapidly growing practices—is that an increasing number of patients expect to return home on the day of surgery with pro- visional teeth. To that end, Nobel Biocare supports minimally invasive protocols for virtually any tooth loss case. For example, the company’s All-on-4 treatment concept has provided a pathway for dramatic growth for many practices. In Nobel Biocare’s well-documented experience, practices that proactively reach out to patients develop more rapidly. A social media presence, a search-optimized website, patient seminars and dedicated patient education events pro- vide just a few of the proven means toward increased patient flow. Ever wondered why some dentists find it easier than others to gain patient accep- tance for implant treatment? As it turns out, practices that can present a complete pa- tient journey—from initial website visit, through first consultation, via treatment itself to follow-up care—find more patients agreeing to implant treatment. Other factors that have an impact on treatment accep- tance include a fixed price for the full treat- ment, a simple visual presentation of the treatment plan, an introduction to the entire treatment team, well-coordinated staff and flexible office hours. Practice growth is an important subject and stimulating discussion topic. In order to develop a detailed, personalized practice development plan for you and your team, start the conversation with Nobel Biocare today. 7  Kick-start your practice’s development with your own personal Guide to Growth package. Contact your Nobel Biocare team today. More to explore! Learn more about Nobel Biocare’s Guide to Growth program at grow.  Gaining patient acceptance for implant treatment is easier for some dentists than others.

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