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today Nobel Biocare Global Symposium June 24, 2016

Matthias Leupold Hlawitschka Switzerland “I am here to partake a little bit in the education, and a little bit for the new prod- ucts. I also enjoy the social events, meeting my friends and colleagues. I also enjoy visit- ing New York. I use three different implant systems in my practice, and I use Nobel Biocare in about 80 percent of my cases. This technology allows me to offer my patients good function and good esthetics.” Gaurav Malik India “This is one of the best global events, of- fering so much innovation. I am here to learn new things and to incorporate new treatment modalities in my practice, especially the All-on-4 treatment concept. We just started in- corporating that, and I want to be a little more sure on all the protocols. Prof. Paulo Malo is considered a pioneer in this area, and I have been following him for quite some time. I will be attending his master class and his hands-on.” Joe Merheb Belgium “I am a surgeon, and I was invited to attend by Nobel Biocare. I am here to learn more about implant surgery. A nice smile and the ability to chew is a very important part of a person’s happiness and comfort. Being able to give this to my patients in a nice and elegant way, which differs a lot from traditional prosthesis, is a very important improvement. It helps patients physically, psychologically and socially. There are a lot of interesting presentations being offered here.” Javier Muñiz Mexico “I am involved with a many dental clinics in Mexico, where we place a lot of implants. I am here for the educational opportunity. I am signed up for six master classes, and I am particularly looking forward to the presenta- tions by Prof. Paulo Malo and the presentations about the All-on-4 treatment concept. I am here with some of my colleagues. We are al- ways striving to do things better and better.” Chinji Nakajima Japan “I am here at the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium to study. I have been using im- plants in my practice in Tokyo for 20 years now. I am particularly interested in the bone regeneration class being presented here by Dr. Istvan Urban of Hungary.” Mélinda Paris Canada “I am from Quebec City, and I am here to get more expertise in the All-on-4 treatment concept. I am particularly looking forward to the hands-on educational opportunity here. I use Nobel Biocare implants in my practice. I like the stability. The technology is user-friendly, and the company’s customer service is very good.” Anthony Sallustio USA “I have been using Nobel Biocare im- plants almost exclusively in my practice in Ocean Township, New Jersey, for 20 years. I am here looking for new technologies and ways to improve delivery of care to my pa- tients, improving their lives. With this tech- nology I can offer predictability, improvement of function and form, and better esthetics.” Garry Shnayder USA “I have been using Nobel Biocare im- plants in my practice in New York City for six years. I am here at the conference to see what’s new and current, and to see what I can improve on. I always strive to be on the leading edge of technology for the benefit of my patients.” Andy Temmerman Belgium “It’s always nice to see some valuable lectures and to see New York, of course. I am a regular user of Nobel Biocare implants. I have heard that they will be introducing new abutments, and that is something I am look- ing forward to. There is a lot of science right now advocating for the immediate placement of abutments, and I think this will ultimately lead to a final outcome in a better way.” 7 Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 4 statements Nobel Biocare Services AG P.O. Box CH-8058 Zürich-Flughafen Switzerland Tel.:+41 43 211 42 00 Fax:+41 43 211 42 42 E-Mail: Dental Media Manager Lissette Cabrera Public Relations Manager Michael Stuart Manager Marketing Content & Dental Media Jim Mack Managing Editor Claudia Duschek Editoral Assistance Fred Michmershuizen Copy Editors Sabrina Raaff & Hans Motschmann Dental Tribune International GmbH Holbeinstr. 29 04229 Leipzig Germany Tel.: +49 341 48474 302 Fax: +49 341 48474 173 E-mail: Internet: Excecutive Producer Gernot Meyer Designer Franziska Dachsel today is published during the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York, USA, on June 24 and 25. The news- paper and all articles and illustrations therin are protected by copyright. Any utilization without prior consent from the editor or publisher is in- admissible and liable to prosecution. Neither Nobel Biocare nor DTI will be liable for any damages of any kind or loss of profits that might arise from information found in this publication, regardless of whether Nobel Biocare or DTI has been advised of the possibility of the damages. While all attempts have been made to endure the accuracy of the provided in- formation, neither Nobel Biocare nor DTI can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Nobel Biocare Global Symposium Imprint—About the Publisher today Nobel Biocare Global Symposium is published by Nobel Biocare in collaboration with Dental Tribune International 5 Matthias Leupold Hlawitschka, Switzerland 5 Gaurav Malik, India 5 Joe Merheb, Belgium 5 Andy Temmerman, Belgium 5 Javier Muñiz, Mexico 5 Mélinda Paris, Canada 5 Chinji Nakajima, Japan 5 Garry Shnayder, USA 5 Anthony Sallustio, USA Tel.:+41432114200 Fax:+41432114242 Tel.: +4934148474302 Fax: +4934148474173

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