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today Nobel Biocare Global Symposium June 24, 2016

Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 14 special feature Driving in the fast lane He has made a place for himself on two different kinds of podiums by Michael Stuart, Nobel Biocare n Dr. Arturo Llobell likes a challenge. Right from the start of his dental career, one spe- cialty was not enough. He opted to become both a periodontist and a prosthodontist, so no two days would ever be the same. It paid off. Today, Llobell enjoys a busy and varied dental practice in Valencia, Spain. Though just 28, Llobell’s first career was not dentistry. To say his previous vocation was also fast-paced would be an understate- ment. As a junior racing driver, Llobell was among the best in the world, having been twice named Spanish national champion and finishing fifth in an international competi- tion. Many of Llobell’s former opponents be- came Formula One stars, and he previously tested cars alongside Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, both of whom went on to be- come world champions. Patient care comes first Eventually there came a time when Llobell had to choose between a career as a clinician and pursuing the path to Formula One. A bad crash, among other factors, led him to opt for dentistry, and he has not looked back since. Interestingly, he says, the two fields are not as different as one might think. “In both racing and dental surgery you need a significant amount of preparation,” Llobell explained. “Then, during the task at hand, you need a high level of concentration and attention to detail. You also need to react to changing variables if you are to succeed.” Today, Llobell has swapped one podium for another. He now speaks at implantology events around the world and has recently accepted faculty positions at the University of Valencia in Spain and the University of Pennsylvania in the U.S. Dual specialties, one implant provider At the heart of Llobell’s progression are the positive treatment outcomes he achieves for his patients. A Nobel Biocare customer since the start of his career, Llobell says the company’s products have helped give him the confidence to use increasingly progres- sive treatment protocols. “I started working with Nobel Biocare during my residency in both periodontics and periodontal prostheses. I chose Nobel Biocare because it is both an established and leading implant company that offers prod- ucts for both specialties,” he explained. Llobell added: “A number of important clinicians use their products on a daily basis, and that gives me confidence in the brand.” “Primary stability without surprises” Llobell is particularly impressed with the new NobelParallel Conical Connection implant: “I find the NobelParallel Conical Connection implant easy to use in multiple clinical scenarios. It has a straightforward drilling sequence, which makes it easy to maintain the direction during insertion, while also giving me the chance to achieve primary stability without surprises.”—“Being able to achieve adequate primary stability permits me to opt for immediate loading pro- tocols more often than before,” he added. A leader of tomorrow Llobell was named a member of the Emerging Leaders program by the Founda- tion for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR), which he says helped him develop as a speaker. “Being part of FOR’s Emerging Leaders group was a great experience for me as I had the chance to get in touch with world-renowned clini- cians who were more than happy to give me —and the other young clinicians involved— a hand in every aspect of clinical dentistry, as well as lecturing advice.” With its new Guide to Growth program, Nobel Biocare is hoping to help more aspir- ing implantologists follow Llobell’s example. Combining advanced clinical training with practice management advice, this develop- ment program seeks to help ambitious clini- cians fulfill their potential by growing their implant practices. Llobell is proof that with the appropriate skills, partners and advice, the sky is the limit. He is part of the lineup at the 2016 Nobel Biocare Global Symposium in New York that reads like a who’s who of implant dentistry. “To be sharing the podium with some of Nobel Biocare’s top speakers is an honor. I am really looking forward to it.” 7  Both a periodontist and a prosthodontist, Dr. Arturo Llobell speaks on the advantages of implants from two different, yet related, perspectives. More to explore! More information about Llobell’s presentation, titled “Emerging technology—Integrated workflow improvements in everyday rou- tine”, which he held yesterday at the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium can be found at 2016.  A former champion racing car driver turned implantologist, Dr. Arturo Llobell has established himself as a respected clinician in his native Spain and as a sought-after speaker at major dental events around the world.

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