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cone beam – international magazine of cone beam dentistry

| about the publisher imprint Publisher/President/CEO Torsten R. Oemus Editor-in-Chief Dr Scott D. Ganz Managing Editor Magda Wojtkiewicz Designer Franziska Dachsel Copy Editors Sabrina Raaff Hans Motschmann International Administration Chief Financial Officer Dan Wunderlich Business Development Manager Claudia Salwiczek-Majonek Project Manager Online Tom Carvalho Event Manager Lars Hoffmann International PR & Project Manager Marc Chalupsky Marketing & Sales Services Nicole Andrä Event Services Esther Wodarski Accounting Services Karen Hamatschek Anja Maywald Manuela Hunger Executive Producer Gernot Meyer Media Sales Managers Matthias Diessner (Key Accounts) Melissa Brown (International) Antje Kahnt (International) Peter Witteczek (Asia Pacific) Weridiana Mageswki (Latin America) Maria Kaiser (North America) Hélène Carpentier (Europe) Barbora Solarova (Eastern Europe) International Offices Dental Tribune International Holbeinstr. 29, 04229 Leipzig, Germany Tel.: +49 341 48474-302 Fax: +49 341 48474-173 Dental Tribune Asia Pacific Ltd. RoomA,20/F,HarvardCommercialBuilding, 105–111ThomsonRoad,Wanchai,HongKong Tel.: +852 3113 6177 Fax: +852 3113 6199 Tribune America, LLC 116 West 23rd Street, Ste. 500, New York, N.Y. 10011, USA Tel.: +1 212 244 7181 Fax: +1 212 244 7185 Editorial Board Dr David Hatcher, USA Dr Jack Krauser, USA Uli Hauschild, Italy Dr Henriette Lerner, Germany Dr Roberto Marra, Italy Dr Ziv Mazor, Israel Sabine Nahme, USA Dr Alvaro Ordonez, USA Dr Marco Rinaldi, Italy Dr Mitra Sadramelli, Canada Dr Tiziano Testori, Italy Dr Gerlig Widmann, Austria Subscription Printed by Löhnert Druck Handelsstraße 12 04420 Markranstädt, Germany Copyright Regulations cone beam international magazine of cone beam dentistry is published by Dental Tribune International (DTI) and appears in 2016 with four issues. The magazineandallarticlesandillustrationsthereinareprotectedbycopyright.Anyutilisationwithoutthepriorconsentofeditorandpublisherisinadmissible and liable to prosecution. This applies in particular to duplicate copies, translations, microfilms, and storage and processing in electronic systems. Reproductions, including extracts, may only be made with the permission of the publisher. Given no statement to the contrary, any submissions to the editorial department are understood to be in agreement with a full or partial publishing of said submission. The editorial department reserves the right to check all submitted articles for formal errors and factual authority, and to make amendments if necessary. No responsibility shall be taken for unsolicited booksandmanuscripts.Articlesbearingsymbolsotherthanthatoftheeditorialdepartment,orwhicharedistinguishedbythenameoftheauthor,represent the opinion of the afore-mentioned, and do not have to comply with the views of DTI. Responsibility for such articles shall be borne by the author. Responsibility for advertisements and other specially labeled items shall not be borne by the editorial department. Likewise, no responsibility shall be assumed for information published about associations, companies and commercial markets. All cases of consequential liability arising from inaccurate or faulty representation are excluded. General terms and conditions apply. Legal venue is Leipzig, Germany. cone beam international magazine of cone beam dentistry cone beam international magazine of cone beam dentistry is the official publication of: 14 cone beam 2 2016 Tel.: +4934148474-302 Fax: +4934148474-173 Tel.: +85231136177 Fax: +85231136199 Tel.: +12122447181 Fax: +12122447185 22016