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| industry news Planmeca 10 cone beam 2 2016 Planmeca ProModel technology part of first Nordic facial tissue transplant Author: Dental Tribune International Finnish dental manufacturer Planmeca’sProModel technology has supported the first facial tissue transplant procedure in the history of the Nordic countries. The service, which designs and creates patient-specific surgical guides and skull models from CBCT/CT images, helped surgeons to signifi- cantly reduce operating time for the demanding procedure, which was performed at Töölö Hospital in the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS). In addition to a decrease in surgical time, the Pro- Model technology was able to produce significantly more precise results compared with conventional methods, the surgical team stated at a press confer- ence.DrJyrkiTörnwallexplained:“Basedonliterature, we know that it can take 3 to 4 hours to trim bones. In this particular operation, it took Patrik [Lassus] and myself under 10 minutes to place the transplant. This led to a drastic reduction in the duration of the surgery, while also significantly improving the accu- racy of bone placement.” Using virtual surgery to simulate procedures is an in- creasinglyimportantpartofsurgerytoday.“Surgeons and us engineers both see tremendous potential in thiskindofcollaboration”,saidJaniHorelli,CAD/CAM Design Manager at Planmeca. “The field continues to advance at a fast rate and it is very interesting to witnessthisevolutionfirsthand.Iamproudtobepart of a highly skilled Finnish community of specialists. It feels meaningful to take part in improving the lives © Scanrail1/ 22016