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CAD/CAM - international magazine of digital dentistry

submission guidelines about the publisher | submissionguidelines: Pleasenotethatallthetextualcomponentsofyoursubmission mustbecombinedintooneMSWorddocument.Pleasedonot ­submit multiple files for each of these items: ·· the complete article; ·· all the image (tables, charts, photographs, etc.) captions; ·· the complete list of sources consulted; and ·· the author or contact information (biographical sketch, mailing address, e-mail address, etc.). In addition, images must not be embedded into the MS Word ­document.Allimagesmustbesubmittedseparately,anddetails aboutsuchsubmissionfollowbelowunderimagerequirements. Text length Article lengths can vary greatly—from 1,500 to 5,500 words—­ depending on the subject matter. Our approach is that if you needmoreorlesswordstodothetopicjustice,thenpleasemake the article as long or as short as necessary. Wecanrunanunusuallylongarticleinmultipleparts,butthis usually entails a topic for which each part can stand alone be- cause it contains so much information. In short, we do not want to limit you in terms of article length, sopleaseusethewordcountaboveasageneralguidelineandif youhavespecificquestions,pleasedonothesitatetocontactus. Text formatting We also ask that you forego any special formatting beyond the useofitalicsandboldface.Ifyouwouldliketoemphasisecertain wordswithinthetext,pleaseonlyuseitalics(donotuseunderli­ ningoralargerfontsize).Boldfaceisreservedforarticleheaders. Pleasedonotuseunderlining. Please use single spacing and make sure that the text is left ­jus­­­­- tified. Please do not centre text on the page. Do not indent para- graphs, rather place a blank line between paragraphs. Please do notaddtabstops. Shouldyourequireaspeciallayout,pleaseletthewordprocessing programme you are using help you do this formatting automati­ cally. Similarly, should you need to make a list, or add footnotes orendnotes,pleaseletthewordprocessingprogrammedoitfor youautomatically.Therearemenusineveryprogrammethatwill enableyoutodoso.Thefactisthatnomatterhowcarefullydone, errorscancreepinwhenyoutrytonumberfootnotesyourself. Anyformattingcontrarytostatedabovewillrequireustoremove such formatting before layout, which is very time-consuming. Pleaseconsiderthiswhenformattingyourdocument. Image requirements Please number images consecutively throughout the article by using a new number for each image. If it is imperative that certainimagesaregroupedtogether,thenuselowercaseletters to designate these in a group (for example, 2a, 2b, 2c). Please place image references in your article wherever they areappropriate,whetherinthemiddleorattheendofasentence. If you do not directly refer to the image, place the reference at the end of the sentence to which it relates enclosed within brackets and before the period. In addition, please note: ·· We require images in TIF or JPEG format. ·· Theseimagesmustbenosmallerthan6x6cminsizeat300DPI. ·· Theseimagefilesmustbenosmallerthan80KBinsize(orthey willprintthesizeofapostagestamp!). Larger image files are always better, and those approximately thesizeof1MBarebest.Thus,donotsizelargeimagefilesdown to meet our requirements but send us the largest files available. (The larger the starting image is in terms of bytes, the more lee- waythedesignerhasforresizingtheimageinordertofillupmore spaceshouldthereberoomavailable.) Also,pleaserememberthatimagesmustnotbeembeddedinto the body of the article submitted. Images must be submitted ­separately to the textual submission. You may submit images via e-mail, via our FTP server or post a CD containing your images directly to us (please contact us for the mailing address, as this will depend upon the country from which you will be mailing). Pleasealsosendusaheadshotofyourselfthatisinaccordance with the requirements stated above so that it can be printed with your article. Abstracts An abstract of your article is not required. Author or contact information Theauthor’scontactinformationandaheadshotoftheauthor are included at the end of every article. Please note the exact ­information you would like to appear in this section and for- mat it according to the requirements stated above. A short ­biographical sketch may precede the contact information if you provide us with the necessary information (60 words or less). Questions? Magda Wojtkiewicz (Managing Editor) 49CAD/CAM 2 2016 22016

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