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CAD/CAM - international magazine of digital dentistry

IMAGINA Dental meetings | 47CAD/CAM 2 2016 demonstrated that using CBCT technology, it is pos- sible to obtain perfect treatment planning in 3-D. They pointed out that very few dentists use the technology and emphasised the value of using CBCT. Only3percentofdentistsusesurgicalguidestoplace implants, but Manhès and Fougerais encouraged the use of a surgical guide even for a simple case “to see the technology through”. Dr Joseph Choukroun was the guest of honour of the second day. In his presentation, titled “A-PRF and i-PRF: the latest innovations with the use of mesen- chymal stem cells in the dental office”, he explained howitispossibletodaytotreatpatientswhohavelost bone, cartilage and collagen by regenerating the lost tissue with stem cells. In the past, harvesting stem cellsandtreatingthemwereverydifficulttoachieve. However, today, stem cells can be extracted directly with a blood sample, and Choukroun presented the technique for quickly extracting stem cells and in- jecting them where needed. He then demonstrated on two patients: one was in- jectedinthekneetotreatthecartilagepost-prosthe- sisplacementandtheotherinthetemporomandibu- lar joint to treat ongoing pain in that area. According to Choukroun, “this technological innovation will definitely simplify regenerative medical treatments using a minimally invasive approach.” Concluding the second day, the IMAGINA Dental Award 2016 for the most innovative equipment or software that uses digital technology was given to Sirona. The theme of the last day of the congress was “Digital smile design”. The room was full for Prof. Angelo Putignano’s presentation, titled Simplexity indentistry:TheStyleItalianoapproach. He began by explaining the guiding foundation for his work—co- lour and details—and went on to demonstrate this, takingtheattendeesonamagicaltriptoseewhatcan be achieved in aesthetics. Putignano showed a captivated audience that it is possible in the daily practise to obtain unbelievable results and quality with simple techniques. He em- phasisedthat“itisnotart,itisonlytechnique”,andso anyone willing to spend the time to learn can obtain excellent results. The conference room remained full for the guest of honour, Dr Mauro Fradeani, whose “Aesthetic den- tistry and minimally invasive treatment” presenta- tion was equally fascinating. According to Fradeani, “it is difficult to achieve greatness in dentistry with- out a group to collaborate with”. The exchange of ideas and knowledge motivated him to, after many years,changecompletelyandtodohisworkindiffer- entways,thinkindifferentwaysandfocusontheim- portance of minimally invasive treatment. For him, the goal is to preserve the tooth structure, especially enamel,asfaraspossible,sothattheceramicorcom- positecanbebondedtoit.This,inturn,allowsthecre- ation of beautiful restorations with limited ceramic thickness. Fradeani stated that as a doctor one can change the life of one’s patient. He demonstrated this through two case presentations, one a patient from Germany andtheotherfromUkraine.Thatapatientcamefrom so far away to be treated speaks of Fradeani’s skills and knowledge. The sixth IMAGINA Dental will be held from 13 to 16 April 2017 in Monaco._ 22016

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