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interview manufacturer news | 45CAD/CAM 2 2016 Preventive dental therapy should hold at least the same position as restorative dentistry. Every dentist knows how little is taught in dental schools about prevention. There are long-established and finan- cially attractive prevention concepts for the entire officestaff,includingPrevention-One.Today’sdigital solutions offer a painless and quick prophylactic therapy. The future of dentistry is digital and focused on prevention, and the dentist of the future as a pre- ventive physician is responsible for patients’ overall health. Soyouenvisiondentistsanddoctorsworkingmore closely? Dentistry and medicine will certainly continue to move closer together, as the interaction between the oraltissueandotherorgansisnowbetterunderstood. Slowlybutsurely,dentistswillberecognisedfortheir role in medicine. They are the gatekeepers of health, because the mouth represents the basis of almost all chronic diseases. In time, dentists will measure blood pressure and take saliva samples or blood samples. It will become possible to decrease the prevalence of chronic diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s dis- ease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, through better oral health. At the same time, medicine of the future will be able to detect signs of gingivitis or periodontitis. Mr Breitschmid, you focus on holistic oral health prevention rather than restoration. What con- cepts does Curaden offer in this regard? We focus on optimal prophylaxis for patients and dental professionals. Individually trained oral pre- vention (iTOP) is our internationally well-known educational system. For this purpose, we have been working together with established dentist Dr Jiri Sedelmayer. He has revolutionised the approach to teaching, motivation and control of individual pro- phylaxis for long-term dental health. This approach includesregulartraining,thepropertoolsandagood dose of motivation. First, we begin with the dental professionals, who pass their new knowledge and skillsdirectlytopatients.AllouriTOPseminarsaresu- pervised by independent dentists and dental hygien- ists who have completed the training themselves. iTOP addresses one of the major issues in every den- tal practice: how to motivate and instruct patients to brush perfectly, with good outcomes. Through iTOP, we offer individual training with regular moni- toring and correction of the learnt prophylaxis tech- niques. We use the latest technologies and modern cleaning techniques; in short, the right mechanical plaque control. Of course, the seminars are open to those dental staff with years of experience too. There are always new ways to brush teeth and gaps properly. How long is the iTOP programme? The iTOP programme is structured consecutively. We offer multi-day seminars for both beginners and advanced participants, as well as for prospective iTOP trainers. Our recall seminars enhance knowledge and provideadditionalmotivation.iTOPalsoteachescom- munication strategies. Communication with the pa- tientandwithintheteamtooarekeytodentalhealth. A further advantage of iTOP is the global coverage of our educational programme. Whether in Europe, Asia or North America, dental staff can benefit from the comprehensive solutions of our iTOP training. I would like to recommend our iTOP workshop on 23 June in Basel in Switzerland to all dental hygien- ists.Thisisbeingheldaspartofthe2016International Symposium on Dental Hygiene. We have invited top speakers from Ireland, South Africa, Canada and Switzerland to talk about their experiences with iTOP in their respective fields and how it has helped them to achieve sustainable oral health in their patients. With iTOP for students, Curaden is targeting students and young dentists. Why does Curaden place so much importance on the early training of students? First, students should maintain their teeth for perfect oral health; only then can they treat their patients. Thedentistandpatientshouldalwayshavetheregular careoftheirownteethwithgoodtoothbrushes,tooth- paste and interdental brushes in common. This allows the aspiring dentist to become familiar with how the damage to be repaired arose. Early on, we convey the principleoftouchtoteach—theproofisinthepudding. HowcandentalprofessionalsbetterapplyyouriTOP concept for the benefit of the patient and practice? Weofferthemafinanciallyattractiveservicepackage for the long-term dental health of their patients, called Prevention-One. Prevention-One is our inno- vative treatment approach to prophylaxis services. The plan includes regular dental cleaning and dental procedures, as well as our CURAPROX products. We believe strongly that Prevention-One represents the future of dentistry. No matter the product, whether Prevention-One or CURAPROX, we strive to be accessible to patients. In 2015, we founded the first Curaden clinic, in the heartofLondon.Thepracticeofferstopfacilitiesand, of course, all the products and concepts of Curaden. Thank you very much for the interview. “There are always new ways to brush teeth and gaps properly.” 22016

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