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| manufacturer news interview 44 CAD/CAM 2 2016 “The future of dentistry is digital and focused on prevention” An interview with Curaden CEO Ueli Breitschmid Swiss dental company Curaden is one of the few businesses in the industry that adopt a holistic approach to dentistry. The company combines high- quality dental products, pioneering training systems and prophylaxis concepts for long-term oral health. In this interview, CEO Ueli Breitschmid talks about new ways and knowledge in dentistry and optimal preventive care as key to good oral health, as well as prevention programmes that both promote patients’ health and offer practices financial success. Dental Tribune International: Mr Breitschmid, Curaden aims to offer more than just dental care products. You advocate comprehensive training in the field of dental prevention. Why is this issue so important? Ueli Breitschmid: Curaden is the only company that, in addition to manufacturing products, provides patients with the necessary knowledge and skills, in cooperation with trained instructors, to take control of their oral health themselves. We have developed ourknowledgeandproductswiththeaimofteethre- maining healthy for a lifetime. Our corporate philos- ophy combines the innovative CURAPROX products, our dental educational system iTOP and the practical Prevention-One plan. Our goal is to reduce the prev- alence of gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth loss. Therefore, we support comprehensive soft-tissue prophylaxis. Finally, gingival problems are still the most common cause of poor oral health. We support prophylaxis to this end with our great interdental toothbrushes, our iTOP seminars and other services. Inanyoralhealthdiscussion,itisalwaysimportantto lookatthecombinationofahigh-qualityproductand the trained application thereof. The product alone without a trained user changes little or nothing. Therefore, 80 per cent of people in developed coun- tries have gingival diseases; because nobody has shown them proper oral hygiene. Only a well-trained person can motivate and instruct someone else. How can control and continued motivation be achieved? Patientsanddentistsshouldfollowaregularschedule concerning both treatment and training. Today’s approach of one or two dental visits annually is no longerappropriate.Goingtothedentistorthedental hygienist should not be an annual event, but more frequent. Just think how often we enjoy a beauty treatment or a pleasant massage. White and well- kept teeth are part of the modern concept of body awareness, much like a trip to the fitness centre. So, does this mean that most oral health problems can be solved through regular prophylaxis? Dentalprophylaxisisonlyoneaspectoforalhealth.It seemsmuchmoreimportanttoconsiderdentaltrain- ing. For years, leading dentists and dental companies have been in favour of a change in dental education. Ueli Breitschmid 22016

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