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DentalSuite 5 is a complete and open solution that covers the entire 3-D scanning, design and modell- ing workflow in an integrated and functional way. It is composed by DScan, 3-D scanner that combines performance, reliability and accuracy (up to 15 mi- crons), and the proprietary software DentalCad. DScan, the latest generation of scanners with a structured blue LED light technology for the 3-D acquisition of dental models, multidies, impres- sions and verticulator. It is supplied with a special plate that enables optics and axes calibration in automatic in just 5 minutes. Thanks to its high quality mechanical and electronic components, DScan allows a faster and more accurate scan- ning ensuring accuracy and reliability. On the software side, DentalCAD, EGS’ software for dental modell- ing, has been designed to be ideal for both first users and experienced users. Thanks to the new interface, it is easy to use and it features a num- ber of automatic tools that can suggest optimal parameters to guide the user through the modelling. It presents a lifetime license with a complete func- tional coverage (crowns, implants, veneers, wax- up, attachments, toronto bridge, inlay-onlay etc.). Moreover it features: · Automatic updates (free for 1 year and optional starting from the 2nd one) to ensure the product best performance; · Bars for edentulous patients: thanks to the new function it will be possible to realise bars with different attachment libraries managed by a new and more performing algorithm; · Implants with gum: it allows the implant acqui- sition directly on the gum using the margin line also as functional reference; · Locators scanning with a simple and automatic managing tool throughout the order manager; · Direct integration with Digital Smile System (DSS) software allows to import the rehibilita- tion project in a CAD environment and to realise the mock-up in order to use it as reference for the final project realisation. This feature’s ad- vantages are clear not only for dentists and den- tal technicians, who gets a fluid workflow which keeps steady the patient’s expected result, but also for patients themselves who get preview about the final aesthetic outcome; · Abutment management: it is now possible to realise the abutment lower part in a fast and simple way avoiding the margin line process. Efficient and with a recognisable interface, DentalCAD 5 has got a renowed look: modern and charming and it also allows users to manage ex- ternal CAM systems. EGS Srl Via Speranza 19/4 40068 S. Lazzaro di Savena (BO), Italy 41CAD/CAM 2 2016 There are moments in life when you want a con- nection to be extremely reliable. So far hybrid den- ture attachment systems may have been facing their limits in challenging implant situations. Now, there’s the Straumann Novaloc Retentive System. The Straumann Novaloc Retentive System for hy- brid dentures offers an innovative carbon-based abutment coating (ADLC, amorphous diamond- like carbon) with excellent wear resistance, over- coming up to 60 degrees implant divergence. As the name implies, “amorphous diamond-like carbon” (ADLC) is a class of carbon bonds which displays several of the desirable qualities of a di- amond. ADLC coatings are commonly used in the medical device field (e.g. hip joints) and reduce abrasive wear prolonging the lifetime of the med- ical appliance. Both a straight and a 15 degrees angled abut- ment, available in various gingiva heights, cover a broad range of clinical implant situations. Together with its durable PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) matrices, the Novaloc Retentive System provides a reliable connection that endures. This results in low maintenance and high patient com- fort. Let your patients profit from the endurance of a reliable treatment solution. Learn more: Institut Straumann AG Postfach 4002 Basel, Switzerland Digital solutions DentalSuite 5: one system, full coverage Hybrid denture attachment systems Straumann Novaloc Retentive System: a reliable connection 22016

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