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3-D technology opinion | 39CAD/CAM 2 2016 (Fig. 33). He was fitted with a night-guard and will be seen frequently to monitor his progress. The3-Dimagingprovidedthebasisformyplanning this challenging treatment. The patient gained his maxillary complement of teeth in a single visit which made him whole again and very grateful to have found my office. I have to give much credit to the success of this case to my oral surgeon and mentor, Dr John DiGregorio, and my lab tech, John Kirdaheywhohasofferedmeawealthofknowledge intheareaofdentalimplants.Ihaveworkedclosely with both men for many years and both are experts in the field of Implantology and have been instru- mental in the growth of my practice. The “All-on-4” concept minimizes costs, reduces treatment time, and can return function and aes- thetics in a single visit. Bone grafting becomes unnecessary to receive implants. A complete up- per removable immediate provisional denture is avoided.Benefitsalsocanpreventstructuralandfa- cial changes that occur when teeth are extracted andthenaturalboneresorptionsequelaethattran- spires is allowed to progress. Alex will be followed closely and use this trial prosthesis for at least four monthsandprovidemewithfeedbackastotheaes- thetics, function and stability over this timeframe. Thedefinitiveprosthesiswillcapitalizeontheinfor- mation gathered over this time and modifications can be made based on those findings. Final considerations I have partnered with Sirona Dental because they are forward-thinking and innovative, always look- ing to advance the practice of dentistry thereby making me a better practitioner. We do dentistry differently. Our facility is different, our operatory is a surgical treatment centre. Our examination is different, it is complete. We offer personalised, non-confrontational, non-judgmental case pre- sentations, with us being pleased that these pa- tients chose our office to improve their oral health. The patients are involved in the clinical decision making process-Co-Diagnosis. Our technologies are different. I have invested in the patient’s well-being with the latest in digital technologies, CEREC Omnicam optical impressions single visit dentistry. In-office restorations and lab fabricated resto- rations via the CEREC connect global portal are completed in-office. Our radiographic imaging is different with 3-D CBCT imaging, while navigating through the patient’s real maxillofacial anatomy when placing virtual implants. Our implant treat- ment is different with computer generated guided surgery.Allmissingteetharetreatmentplannedfor implant solutions, implant retained prosthesis to givethepatientbacktheirabilitytoeatcomfortably, enjoy the taste of food when using horseshoe de- signed overdentures and finding ways to avoid preparing healthy natural teeth to act as retainers for fixed bridges. Our patients understand we ad- vance the patient experience and change their lives forever. Finally, what we don’t know can hurt our patient. Demystify the unknown with the 3-D difference, it is good for business._ contact Dr Anthony Ramirez, DDS, MAGD, specialises in cosmetic smile design and digital implantology in his practice in Brooklyn, New York. In practice since 1983, Dr Ramirez is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry, a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology, a key opinion leader for Sirona, a CEREC Doctors mentor, and an attending physician at New York Methodist Hospital. Dr Ramirez utilises 3-D CBCT imaging and CEREC CAD/CAM technologies to promote a fully integrated digital dental practice and improve quality of life for his patients. 7424 Ridge Blvd. Brooklyn, New York 11209 USA Fig. 33 22016

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