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| case report aesthetic restorations 24 CAD/CAM 2 2016 better adhesion and optical effects (wash firing: DeepDentinA2,A1,DA2,A1andT-Neutral)(Fig.10). The individual vestibular surfaces can be easily veneered. The tooth shape was given and the framework was used as the basic shade (veneering: Dentin A2, A1, T-Neutral,OE1,OE2,I1)(Fig.11).Afterthefiringpro- cess was completed, the value, saturation and light reflectioneffectslookedasdesired.Theshadeeffect of the restoration is identical in intensive light, in normal light and in the shade and matches the chosen A–D tooth shade. Shadecharacterisations(Shades,Stains)areapplied to the monolithic portions before dentin firing. Wecontinuedtoapplythin“soft”coatingsofcolour and used IPS e.max Glaze Fluo for the glaze firing process. After the final firing, the restoration exhibited har- monious shade effects. The bridge satisfied all functional and aesthetic criteria. The monolithic portions did not appear brighter than the veneered parts (Fig. 12). Finally, we polished the bridge and ensuredthattheconditionsforoptimum oral hygiene were in place. Smooth sur- faces are essential to prevent the excel- lent biocompatibility of zirconium oxide from being diminished and undesirable wearfromoccurringintheopposingjaw. After a final check, the restoration was forwardedtothedentalpractice(Fig.13). Conclusion After the preparations were completed, the bridge was cemented in place. The ceramic restoration looks three-dimen- sional. Even without layering, the poste- rior teeth demonstrated a natural colour depth. With their vibrant internal shade effects and lifelike warm translucency, theanteriorteethdemonstratedimpres- sive aesthetic properties (Fig. 14). The combination of cutting-edge milling technol- ogy and high-quality veneering ceramics provides an efficient route to achieving aesthetically pleas- ing, reliable and long-lasting treatment results. The goal of the prosthetic treatment team is to see a happy patient with a beautiful natural smile (Fig. 15)._ Fig. 15: ...and meets the patient’s functional and aesthetic expectations. contact Dr Dario Žujic is working as a dentist in Rijeka in Croatia. He can be contacted at Velimir Žujic is working as a dental technician in Rijeka in Croatia. He can be contacted at Dragan Stolica is working as a dental technician in Maribor in Slovenia. He can be contacted at “The combination of cutting-edge milling technology and high-quality veneering ceramics provides an efficient route to achieving aesthetically pleasing, reliable and long-lasting treatment results.” Fig. 15 22016

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