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| case report abutment fracture 18 CAD/CAM 2 2016 Because the patient did not consent to a sinus aug- mentation, no implants were placed in regio #16 and #26. Tooth #14 was treated endodontically and was used as the last abutment (Fig. 12). Thirteen years after prosthetic rehabilitation, the patient reported to the office with a root fracture in tooth #15. The tooth was extracted, the secondary telescopic crown in regio #15 was removed, and the supraconstruction was temporarily filled with a pho- tocured, highly elastic temporary material (Fermit, Ivoclar Vivadent, Ellwangen, Germany). The patient againrefusedasinusliftandthereforetheimmediate implant placement regio #15 was scheduled. The axis of the tooth #15, the fabrication of the transfer key and the implant placement, were performed as pre- Figs. 10a–c: a & b) Abutment mounted on the implant; c) panoramic radiograph of custom-made abutment #13 in place. Figs. 11a & b: Denture in place; a) close-up; b) anterior view. Fig. 12: Orthopatomograph taken at the completion of the perio- implant-prosthodontic treatment. Figs. 13a & b: a) Surgical guide for implant placement #15; b) X-ray after implant placement. Fig. 10a Fig. 10b Fig. 10c Fig. 11a Fig. 11b Fig. 13a Fig. 13b Fig. 12 22016

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