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Beyond CAD/CAM Patient-specific prosthetic solutions for all major implant systems In order to provide truly ideal solutions, you need restorative versatility, flexibility within your workflow and design options that are as individual as each patient. By choosing ATLANTIS, you get the freedom, esthetics, simplicity and reliability that go beyond CAD/CAM. DENTSPLYImplantsdoesnotwaiveanyrighttoitstrademarksbynotusingthesymbols®or™. 32670848-USX-1512 ©2015DENTSPLYImplants.Allrightsreserved Follow DENTSPLY Implants 32670848-USX-1512 ATLANTIS Ad_A4.indd 1 2016-01-14 08:54 32670848-USX-1512 ATLANTIS Ad_A4.indd 12016-01-1408:54

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