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| feature interview 12 CAD/CAM 2 2016 Over the past few years, we have seen a reduction in augmentation towards atraumatic implant place- ment, with smaller, shorter implants and biolo- gical concepts. In the future, augmentation will also ­become patient friendly through prefabricated blocks manufactured from human or alloplastic ma- terials. Progressive technological development is also evi- dentinimplantology.Therefore,3-Ddiagnostics,vir- tual planning and new forms of navigation, such as dynamic navigation, without guides are increasingly gaining importance. In addition, a change oriented towards human needs has taken place in education. As mentioned before, the collaborative approach is becoming more and more important. Moreover, the work–life balance need has been given special priority. As a society, wealsohavetoaddressthesetrends,inordertofulfil our members’ wishes and expectations: educational offerings are becoming more flexible, transfer of knowledge does not occur in a typical teaching set- ting, but is shaped by a partnership-based approach, in which students and mentors work together for ­implant treatment success. Only recently, DENTSPLY International and Sirona announced the successful completion of their merger. The new company Dentsply Sirona is thus the world’s largest manufacturer of dental prod- ucts for dentists and dental technicians. What consequences will the merger have for the global dental market and the daily work of implantolo- gists? Ontheonehand,mergerscreatesynergies,ofcourse. In the case of Dentsply Sirona, imaging and digital technologies are combined with a range of implant solutions, which leads to more customer-focused products. On the other hand, mergers of global players restrict the product diversity on the market. Competition is a driver of innovation, not only in dentistry but in ­industry in general. We will have to see what this development will bring about._ ©racorn/ 22016

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