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| feature interview 10 CAD/CAM 2 2016 “Transfer of knowledge at eye level” An interview with Dr Fred Bergmann, President of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie (DGOI), the German society for oral implantology After the last ICOI World Congressinautumn2015, Dr Fred Bergmann was elected the third President of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orale Implantologie (DGOI), the German society for oral implantology. Ahead of this year’s congress in Barcelona in Spain, Dental Tribune International spoke with the expert, whohas20yearsofclinicalexperience,aboutcurrent changes in the DGOI’s educational offering and the international developments in implant dentistry. Dental Tribune International: Dr Bergmann, what challenges are you going to address in particular during your three-year presidency? Dr Fred Bergmann: As a scientific society for implant dentists,theDGOIneedstobecomeevenmoreattrac- tive and relevant. To this end, we are going to expand ourcurriculumandadaptittothemostrecenttrends, suchasdigitisationand3-Ddiagnostics,inparticular. First and foremost, however, the practical aspects of the curricula will be strengthened. Another important issue that I intend to address is theestablishmentofanation-widecoachingnetwork of certified implant experts. These coaches will act asmentorsandcourseparticipantswillbeabletocall onthemforindividualadviceinplanning,implemen- tation and even supervision during surgeries. Under the slogan “WIR FÜR DICH—NEXT TO YOU”, the DGOI offers an education programme that aims to help dentists master their first steps into implantology. Could you please explain this approach? With the motto “WIR FÜR DICH—NEXT TO YOU”, we aim at providing the transfer of knowledge at eye level. This is a central objective, especially among our youngercolleagues,whodesiredatransferofknowl- edge with a personal training approach. In order to fulfil the need of the participants for more personal contact, the concepts of our fairs and congresseswillhavetochangetoointhenearfuture. The 13th international annual congress of the DGOI, which will be held from 30 September to 1 October at the Europa-Park resort, for example, will include a comprehensive workshop programme. Thus, par- ticipants will be able to apply what they have learnt on the spot under the supervision of the lecturer. How will the DGOI promote its international pursuits? As a German society, the focus of our activities is clearly in Germany. However, it is necessary to think outside the box and to support the exchange of knowledge at an international level. With regard to this, it is our aim to meet the demand for new per- spectives in addition to those already familiar to our members through their studies. We are creating space for articles in English within our OraleImplantologie journal in the form of a sec- tion called the “International Corner”. In addition, we are creating an area for our international partners on our new website, which will be launched in the next quarter, to publish cases and reports. Moreover, anumberofworkshopsattheannualcongresswillbe held in English. As an exclusive partner of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) in Germany, we are, of course, influenced by trends in other countries. In It- aly,forexample,thetopicsofimmediateimplantation andaestheticsaregivenmuchgreaterattentionthan in Germany—in this respect, we can definitely profit from knowledge import. Furthermore, our programmes are offered in various Europeancountriesandarepredominantlypresented by local speakers. In your long-time practise, you have treated over 15,000 implant cases already. In your opinion, whattrendshavehadthemostimpactoverthelast several years? Dr Fred Bergmann 22016

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