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Endo Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.3, 2016

May-June 2016 | No. 3, Vol. 6PUBLISHED IN DUBAI ENDO TRIBUNE TheWorld’sEndodonticNewspaper MiddleEast&AfricaEdition FKG Dentaire SA 3D generation_ Long-term success for your endodontic treatments FKGDentaireSAexpandsitsrangeof3Dinstruments withtheintroductionoftheXP-endo®FinisherR ByFKG FKG Dentaire SA continues it’s marketing of innovative instru- ments, after the introduction of the revolutionary XP-endo® Finisher in 2015. The range of instruments designed for 3D cleaning of the root canal is now enriched by the XP-en- do® Finisher R (XP-FR), targeting the removaloffillingmaterial. Made of a unique and highly flexible NiTi alloy that can expand 100 fold compared to standard in- struments, XP-FR reaches areas of the canal walls impossible to reach withtraditionalfiles. After initial filling material is re- moved, regardless of the instrumen- tation technique used, residual ma- terial is always present particularly incurvedorovalcanals. Like with the XP-endo® Finisher the exclusive FKG MaxWire™ alloy (Martensite-Austenite) gives to the instrument the ability to expand andcontractsoastocontactdifficult to reach areas, especially in curved- andoval-shapedcanals. With its ISO 30 diameter, the XP- FR is slightly stiffer than the XP-en- do® Finisher enabling it to eliminate Gutta-perchaandsealer. Moreover, the XP-FR features unparalleled resistance to cyclic fa- tigue, due to its small core size and zero taper. The instrument is easy to use and intended for all dentists keen to enhance the long-term suc- cessoftheirretreatmentprocedures. The XP-FR is available in sizes 21 and25mm,packedinasterileblister of3instruments. Contact Information FKGDentaireSA Crêt-du-Locle4 CH-2304LaChaux-de-Fonds Switzerland T.+41329242244 XP-FRL21-ISO30(MPhase) XP-FRL25-ISO30(MPhase) XP-FRL21-ISO30(APhase) S1.XB0.00.0AE.FK-XP-endoFinisherR,ISO30,21mm,Sterile S1.XB0.00.0AD.FK-XP-endoFinisherR,ISO30,25mm,Sterile TheXP-FRisavailableinsizes21and25mm.Packedinasterileblisterof3instruments. XP-FRL25-ISO30(APhase) FKGMaxWire

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