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today EOS 2016 Stockholm

business 92nd EOS Congress 13 To make every laugh infectious, orthodontists and dentists special- ised in orthodontics have the daily task to treat tooth displacements and malpositions of the jaw. The aim always is to achieve a best possible treatment outcome in regard to a balanced relation between the up- per and lower jaw that harmonises functionally with the muscles, as well as the aesthetics of each in- dividual case. Products by the German man- ufacturer Arno Fritz are designed for making such outcomes daily routine. Highest demands put on the quality of their products are a given as quality ensures reliabil- ity in use which is one of the most important issue for a long-term treatment in Orthodontics. Owing to their in-house production facili- ties, the company has the opportu- nity to adjust all parts within one system to guarantee very easy han- dling and best customer support. The usage of TADs has become a standard for orthodontic treatment. Fritz’s self-drilling LOMAS screws offer a number of advantages such as high stability, immediate screw loadability as well as reliable and se- cure fixation. There are additional applications by combining the LOMAS system with the innovative MONDEFIT system. Both systems complement each other and cover all common indications in the upper and lower jaw in combined usage. Two of the most significant ad- vantages are the atraumatic design of each appliance and the possibility of using the same instruments for the whole range leaving the door open for many more things to get in- spired by. Arno Fritz GmbH Booth A04:45 MONDEAL FOR AN ATTRACTIVE SMILE Every year Rocky Mountains Orthodontics (RMO) publishes its Clinical Review. It’s 2016’s edition is about “Shaping the future” and how RMO is applying innovation & technology in orthodontics. For example, the company has re- cently partnered with Dental Monitoring, which is the world first mobile monitoring solution in orthodontics. This solution is de- signed to help clinicians to control the position and treatment of their patient’s teeth remotely and con- tinuously. In 2016, RMO is also introduc- ing some self-ligaturing options with the Altitude SL, a highly aes- thetic SL bracket Ascend SL and a brand new competitive bonding system TruLock.Another game changer brought to the field by RMO is the Straight Wire Low Fric- tion technique, more commonly known as SWLF, by Dr David Suarez from Spain. It is not just a technique involving brackets but a simple therapeutic protocol and system of biomechanics involving recent technological advances in orthodontics, the company said. RMO Europe is further in- volved with Dr Wajeeh Khan by representing Orthocaps in France as an important actor of the aligner activity. This year is featuring a bit maintainer and a hybrid solution (HAT) combining lingual brackets preloaded into the aligner. “We at RMO are proud to be able to bring you a complete line of game changers and many other items,” a representative said. RMO has focused also on auto- mating its factory in Denver in the USA by using robotic arms and up to date machinery to prepare for the future and to be able to expand its horizons and expand over the world. Rocky Mountains Orthodontics, USA Booth A04:20 NEWS FROM RMO 4th Scientific REGISTER NOW! AD

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