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business 92nd EOS Congress10 The line “make a great first impres- sion” applies to orthodontics more than to any other specialty in den- tistry.Intra-oralscanninghasbrought numerous benefits to orthodontics by replacing analogue impressions and gypsum models. In a recent article in the Austin Journal of Orthopedics and Rheumatology, the authors listed what they consider to be the main advan- tages of digital impressions.1 For the orthodontist, these include improved diagnosis and treatment planning, as well as increased case acceptance, faster record submission to laborato- ries and insurance providers, and fewer retakes. Reduced chair time and treatment time, faster laboratory return, improved appliance accuracy, enhanced workflow, lower inventory expense, standardisation of office pro- cedures and reduced storage require- ments are further advantages.1 Bene- fits for the patient include an im- proved case presentation and a better orthodontic experience with more comfort and less anxiety, reduced chair time, and easier refabrication of lost or broken appliances, as well as potentially reduced treatment time.1 The advantages of intra-oral scan- ning in orthodontics are also what dif- ferentiate 3Shape’s TRIOS intra-oral scanner from many other impression solutions on the market. The award- winning device, which requires no powder, stands out with its docu- mented accuracy, speed, RealColor digital colour impressions and auto- matic occlusion capture in real time. The 3Shape orthodontics team is con- tinuously working on integrating TRIOS into the solutions of global or- thodonticproviders,likeInvisalign,In- cognito and many others. Since these integrations are cloud based, dentists can share cases with providers and TRIOS Ready Ortho laboratories through their TRIOS software easily. TRIOS power, combined with 3Shape orthodontic treatment plan- ning and analysis software, is fur- ther enabling orthodontic profes- sionals to gain more value and time, grow their business and simplify their workflow. Treatment monitoring When it comes to orthodontics, perhaps no other area benefits more from digital technology than patient treatment monitoring. Intra-oral scans can be combined with CBCT scans to create, in essence, a digital patient for in-depth clinical observa- tion. They can also be compared side by side to precisely monitor and doc- ument tooth movement, the oral sit- uation and the treatment plan. More- over, 3Shape orthodontic solutions enable orthodontists and laborato- ries to virtually de-bond brackets and compare the current patient sit- uation with their treatment plan. Owing to this feature, an increasing number of orthodontists and labora- tories are now using 3Shape soft- ware to remove and place brackets digitally on virtual models, not only to save their patients visits, but also to ensure that the treatment plan is adhered to. Dentists and laboratories can simulate orthodontic treatments like extractions and interproximal reduc- tions, as well as the constraints and full details of tooth movement, digi- tally as well. If combined with vir- tual articulators to optimise occlu- sion in real time, the benefits of digi- tal technology are just too convinc- ing to ignore. There is no need to think about storing, dusting off or re- placing a gypsum model in one’s storage room. Digital technology has changed the way clinicians work, particularly in orthodontics. Italian orthodontist Dr Santiago Isaza Penco sums up its impact best: “Now anything is possi- ble!” 3Shape, Denmark Booth A03:41 Reference Baheti, M.J., Soni, U.N., Gharat, N.V., Mahaga- onkar, P., Khokhani, R. & Dash, S., “Intra-oral scanners: A new eye in dentistry”, Austin Jour- nal of Orthopedics & Rheumatology, 2/3 (2015), 1021. MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION WITH TRIOS FROM 3SHAPE The global dental specialist GC corporation has expanded into the orthodontic market and has formed a new company, GC Orthodontics Europe GmbH. GC Corporation, which is active throughout the world, is expanding its field of expertise and adding an- other powerful element to its port- folio with the creation of GC Ortho- dontics Europe GmbH. This move supports the philosophy of the GC group in providing high quality prod- ucts and excellent service in ortho- dontics, with the desired aim of offer- ing the greatest possible benefit for dentistry along with optimum practi- tioner and patient satisfaction. The foundation of GC Orthodon- tics Europe GmbH (GCOE) brings the GC Corporation closer to its goal of offering comprehensive dentistry services at the highest level. As one of the world’s leading dentistry firms, GC has been providing prod- uct solutions to the entire world for over 95 years, and now will be doing the same for orthodontics. Helping improve overall human health is one of the main principles of GCOE, which is committed to the values and philosophy of GC Corporation worldwide. Combining tradition and progress are just as important as high standards in products and ser- vices. GC Orthodontics Europe GmbH is based in the German town of Brecker- feld and will be distributing the new product range directly in Germany and France, and will be working with exclusive official dealers in the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company will benefit from close cooperation with its distribution part- ners in the individual countries with superior knowledge of their own mar- kets and experience they have accu- mulated over the years. “Our goal is to offer a comprehen- sive package of services to orthodon- tics, and provide our clients with quality management, product advice and training programmes for all or- thodontic personnel. We will do this by offering top-quality customised product solutions, supported by inno- vative ordering options and hi-tech communication”, commented Jacques Peucat, European sales manager of GC Orthodontics Europe GmbH. GC have partnered with the long-established expertise of the lead- ing Japanese company Tomy Inc., a byword for innovation, efficiency and quality. ‘Made in Japan, assembled in Germany’; while most of the products will originate from Japan, some man- ufacturing and all distribution activi- ties will take place in Germany, a great advantage for Europe. The use of the most innovative materials and technology will not only ensure that the highest processing and reliability standards are met, but will also allow patients of all ages undergoing ortho- dontic treatment to enjoy a comforta- ble and attractive outcome. Jacques Peucat: “We offer a unique symbiosis of quality, service and know-how, and our objective is to transform the enthusiasm for ortho- dontics that we share with our clients into joint success. This passion is what drives us towards the global fu- ture of orthodontics.” The product portfolio consists primarily of modern solutions for fixed orthodontics, including the self-ligating bracket systems in the Experience line. The brackets in this range include Experience Metal, Ex- perience Ceramic and Experience Lingual, along with the Experience Mini Metal brackets, the attractive rhodium-coated versions of which are a real innovation in fixed ortho- dontics; scarcely higher than a con- ventional bracket, they are a highly effective combination of aesthetics, function and comfort. The clients and partners of GC Orthodontics Europe GmbH will also benefit from one of GC Corporation’s key principles: the company will from the very beginning operate to the highest quality standards in all areas—products, services, environ- mental protection and sustainabil- ity—in this new area of activity— orthodontics. Find your local dealer at www. ropean-organization GC Orthodontics Europe GmbH Booth A01:10 GC ORTHODONTICS EUROPE—A NEW PLAYER IN ORTHODONTICS

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