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Hygiene Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

March-April 2016 | No. 2, Vol. 6 PRINTEd in dubai ByADAA In Western society, toothbrushing was introduced as an oral care habit inthe18thcentury,andplastictooth- brushes with nylon bristles have been used since the middle of the last century. However, while there are numerous versions of manual toothbrushes on the market, there has been no clear evidence that any specificdesignissuperiortoanother. Therefore, the choice of toothbrush ismainlyamatterofindividualpref- erence. Despite daily use, in practice the efficacy of manual brushing is such that it does not appear to result inoptimaloralhygiene. A systematic review was con- ducted to determine the average amount of plaque removed during manual brushing. The citation for the review is: Slot DE, Wiggelinkhui- zenL,RosemaNAM,VanderWeijden GA. The efficacy of manual tooth- brushes following a brushing exer- cise: a systematic review. Int J Dent Hygiene(2012)10:187–197. The two best-known databas- es, Pubmed and Cochrane, were searched for articles that addressed the efficacy of a manual toothbrush following a single brushing exercise. In order for an article to be included in the review, subjects in the study had to be healthy adults who were not wearing an orthodontic appli- ance or a removable prosthesis, and who had brushed without using ad- How effective is toothbrushing? ÿPage2 Dental Hygienist Seminar to take place for fourth consecutive year organized by CAPP in Dubai ByDentalTribuneMEA/CAPPmea DUBAI, UAE: Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP) will be hosting the 4th Dental Hygien- ist (DHS) Seminar attracting the re- gions dental hygienists to Jumeirah Beach Hotel on 05 November 2016. Attendees will have the opportunity to attend various accredited lectures and hands-on courses throughout theweekofthe8thDentalFacialCos- metic International Conference on 04-05November2016inDubai. With an increased focus on the Den- tal Hygienist profession, clinics in the Middle East are becoming pro- gressively aware of the importance of having a complete dental team which includes the dental hygienist professional role. A career as a dental hygienist offers a wide range of chal- lenges and continuous education on thelatesttechniquesandmethodsis a must. In the dental office, the den- tistandthedentalhygienistworkto- gether to meet the oral health needs ofpatients. Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP) works very hard in helpingdentalhygienistsmakeadif- ference in their communities, and Beautifulviewat BurjAlArab.(Photograph:Pixabay/Unsplash) offers continuous resources to help raise awareness and share informa- tion. Following the previous three suc- cessfuleditions,4thDHSwillinclude The event will include eduaction through engagement and exhibition ÿPage6

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