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Endo Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

March-April 2016 | No. 2, Vol. 6DPRINTed in dubai ENDO TRIBUNE TheWorld’sEndodonticNewspaper MiddleEast&AfricaEdition FKG Dentaire SA 3D efficiency_ optimal cleaning while preserving dentine Now available in 21 mm & 25 mm Endodontic imaging mode available from Planmeca ByDTI Planmeca has introduced a new im- aging mode that was developed es- pecially for use in endodontics and in cases dealing with small anatomi- caldetails,suchasimagingoftheear. The new mode, which produces ex- tremelyhigh-resolutionimageswith averysmallvoxelsizeofonly75μm, is available for all Planmeca ProMax 3Dimagingunits. According to Planmeca, the new mode provides clinicians with per- fect visualisation of even the small- est anatomical details. Owing to new intelligent noise and artefact remov- al algorithms, noise-free and crystal- clear images can be produced, the Finnish dental equipment manufac- turer said. With Planmeca ARA, for example, artefacts resulting from metal restorations and root fillings in the patient’s mouth that cause shadows and streaks in CBCT im- ages can be removed effectively. In addition, the new Planmeca AINO Adaptive Image Noise Optimiser is intended to reduce noise in CBCT images resulting from a particularly low radiation dose or small voxel size without losing valuable details. The company said that the filter par- ticularly improves image quality in theendodonticmode,wherenoiseis inherent due to the extremely small voxel size. It has also proven useful when used in accordance with the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose protocol, where noise is induced by the par- ticularlylowdose. Planmeca AINO also allows the re- duction of exposure values and con- sequently the radiation dose in all other imaging modes, according to Planmeca. “...producesextremely high-resolutionimages withaverysmallvoxel sizeofonly75μm...”

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