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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

EMSbooth team Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 news 7 BRILLIANT EverGlowTM 002751 Universal Submicron Hybrid Composite The glow of the art | Outstanding polishability and gloss retention  Brilliant single-shade restorations  Ideal handling through a smooth consistency  Good wettability on the tooth surface  E.M.S. Dental presents GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY during AEEDC in Dubai Contact Information Al-Hayat PharmaceuticalsU.A.E. 312AlWahdaStreet,Officeno.101 4483Sharjah,UAE Mobile:+971506352496 Telephone:+97165592481 Fax:+97165593573 ByE.M.S. The Swiss company E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems who is the inno- vator of Piezon® and AIR-FLOW® technologies and a global leader in dental prophylaxis as well as Guided Biofilm Therapy participated at the 20th edition of AEEDC from 2nd to 4th of February 2016. AEEDC takes place annually in the International ConventionandExhibitionCenterin Dubai and represents a very impor- tant platform within the Gulf and Middle-EastcountriesforE.M.S. The main focus of E.M.S. during AEEDC was to promote the impor- tance of Biofilm Management with the message BYE BYE BIOFILM and its newest product, the AIR-FLOW® powder PLUS, an advanced powder based on erythritol and a very fine particle size of 14 microns which al- lows treatments both above and be- lowthegingivalmargin. After three exhibition days, HansObermeier,AreaSalesManager of E.M.S. in the Middle East, was very satisfiedwiththeresultsofAEEDC. “Our booth was much better fre- quented than last year. This clearly shows that the understanding for the importance of professional and regular tooth cleaning is growing in the Gulf and Middle-East countries andthatthecliniciansarelookingfor support in education, technologies and protocols to improve their ser- viceforthepatients.” Hans Obermeier underlines as well the interest amongst the practi- tionersofthelive-demonstrationsof the different E.M.S. products realized by the clinical expert Dr. Neha Dixit whichattractedalargeaudience. Since September 2015, the com- pany Al Hayat is the exclusive agent ofE.M.S.inUAE. Researchersfind varyingpatternsfor sealanttreatment recommendation ByDTI KITAKYUSHU, Japan: Japanese re- searchers have examined dentist practice patterns regarding the rec- ommendation of dental sealants for treatment and identified charac- teristics associated with this recom- mendation. They found that these patterns vary widely. According to the researchers, recommending a sealant was significantly related to the dentist having a greater belief in theeffectivenessofcariesriskassess- ment. In the study, the researchers sur- veyed 189 dentists recruited from the Japanese Dental Practice-Based Research Network regarding the treatment decision in the case of a 12-year-old patient with a high caries risk via a cross-sectional question- naire. The participants were pre- sented with a series of clinical pho- tographs of the occlusal surface of a mandibular first molar portraying increasingdepthsofcavitation. For the hypothetical scenarios, the dentists’ recommendations of seal- ants varied from 16 to 26 per cent. Nineteenpercentofthedentistsrec- ommended sealants in the absence of dark brown pigmentation. Forty- eight per cent of the dentists recom- mended sealants to more than 25 per cent of patients aged 6–18. An analysis of the responses suggested that the dentist’s belief in the effec- tiveness of caries risk assessment was significantly associated with the percentageofpatientswhowouldre- ceivesealants. Dr Naoki Kakudate from Kyushu Dental University first presented the study, titled “Evidence-practice gap for sealant application: Results from a Dental PBRN”, at the 45th Annual MeetingandExhibitionoftheAmer- ican Association for Dental Research, which was held from 16 to 19 March inLosAngelesintheUS.

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