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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

11th CAD/CAM&DigitalDentistry InternationalConference 06-07May2016 JumeirahBeachHotel,Dubai,UAE Show Edition Printed in Dubai Six days of lectures and continuing education in dentistry ByDentalTribuneMEA/CAPPmea DUBAI, UAE: From 4 to 9 May 2016, the Centre for Advanced Profession- al Practices (CAPP) will be hosting 15 hands-on dental education courses supplementary to the 11th edition of its annual CAD/CAM and Digital Dentistry International Conference, which will be held on 6 and 7 May at the symbolic Jumeirah Beach Ho- tel in Dubai. In addition, the Dental Technician International Meeting will take place parallel to the confer- ence. About theconference The 11th CAD/CAM and Digital Den- tistry International Conference is a two-dayeventtargetedataddressing the business and educational needs of independent dental profession- als. Prior to and after the conference, hands-on courses on various multi- disciplinarytopicswillbeheld. Participantswillhavetheopportuni- tytomeetotherdentalprofessionals from all over the world during edu- cational sessions led by industry ex- perts and earn continuing education credits. Furthermore, attendees will have face-to-face business opportu- nitieswithrepresentativesofleading dental manufacturers at the dental exhibitionatJumeirahBeachHotel. Theconferencefeatures - Accredited scientific dental educa- tion sessions focused on digital and estheticdentistry -Accreditedscientificdentaltechnol- ogy education sessions for dental technicians - Pre- and post-conference hands-on courses by industry experts on mul- tidisciplinarytopics -Posterpresentations - Extensive exhibition focused on the latest digital and esthetic den- tistrytechnologies - Educational sessions with industry experts - Face-to-face appointments with suppliersofyourchoice - Networking opportunities with industry peers and supplier repre- sentatives -Unparalleledsocialprogramme. Scientificprogramme presenters This year’s scientific programme onceagainfeaturesprominentinter- nationalspeakers,including: Prof.Jan-FrederikGuth,Germany Dr.MichaelDieter,Switzerland Dr.ÇağdaşKışlaoğlu,Turkey Prof.JihadAbdallah,Lebanon Dr.MarioJ.Besek,Switzerland Mr.VanikKaufmann-Jinoian, CDT,Switzerland MicheleTemperani,CDT,Italy Dr.MatteoBeretta,Italy Dr.NunzioCirulli,Italy Dr.GuillaumeJouanny,France Dr.JanPaulics,Denmark Dr.TifQureshi,UK Prof.PaulTipton,UK Dr.KirilDinov,Bulgaria Dr.EduardoMahn,Chile Assoc.Prof.JosephSabbagh, Lebanon Dr.MunirSilwadi,UAE AihamFarah,CDT,Syria JohnPhilipp,Canada YamenChaban,TSS,CDT,Germany MaffeiSimone,Italy ChristopherAdamus,Denmark ClemensSchwerin,MDTGermany. DentalTechnician InternationalMeeting The Dental Technician International Meeting has arisen from CAPP’s Dental Technician Sessions over the last eight years. These were targeted not only at dental laboratory owners and dental technicians, but also at the entire dental technology profes- sion. The Dental Technician Interna- tional Meeting will cover the latest groundbreaking hot topics focused on the needs of the dental technol- ogy profession. The meeting will be held on 6 and 7 May at the Meyana Auditorium in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel conference centre. Over 200 dental technicians, clinical dental technicians, laboratory owners and othervisitorsareexpectedtoattend. The DTIM will combine invigorating sessions with cases, debates, discus- sions and various hands-on oppor- tunities. The two day scientific pro- gramme includes world renowned dental technician speakers such as Michele Temperani, CDT (Italy), Van- ik Kaufmann-Jinoian, CDT (Switzer- land), Yamen Chaban, TSS, CDT (Ger- many),JohnPhilipp(Canada),Maffei Simone(Italy)andAihamFarah,CDT (Syria). Participants will become re- energised by new knowledge and insight that will have an immediate impact on their work in the lab. The meeting will further serve as a net- working bridge between dental tech- nicians, dentists and dental industry creating interesting debates on clini- calcasesandtheprosandconsofthe latestdentaltechnologiesavailable. Round Table Clinic Trainingswill be hosted by the sponsors and the in- dustry’smostrespectedspeakers.Re- gardlessofspecialisation,thepartici- pantswillenjoyandlearnduringthe trainings. They will have a chance to attendnumerouspresentationssplit in smaller groups, having a chance to ask questions immediately and receive personal treatment from the presenters. Whoshouldattend? Over 2,000 international partici- pants interested in the fields of digi- tal dental technologies are expected to attend the CAD/CAM and Digital Dentistry Conference in order to learn more about digital dentistry, minimally invasive treatments, digi- tal esthetic approaches, digital smile design and clinical experience. Inter- action with industry partners will be one of the greatest benefits of the Dubai conference. The substantial opportunities for networking are aimed at bridging the gap between clinical knowledge and technical industry experience in the field of dentistry. Participants can already take advan- tage of the early bird registration and special room rates at the exclu- sive Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Further information is available at www. and www. Delegatesduring theScientificProgramme RoundTableTraining Exhibition CAPPmea Mobile:+971502793711 Telephone:+97143616174 FAX:+97143686883

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