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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

Figure24.Surgicaldissectionand Timeshremoval Figure 25. Customize screw re- tained Figure 27. Adjustment the con- tact of the temp. crown and or- thodonticly reducing the mesio- distaldimension Figure 29. Temp. crown occlusal viewof thehealedsite Figure 30. Implant site after soft tissueconditioning Figure41.Occlusialviewofscrew finalcrown Figure 36. Impression post withsulcusshape Figure 32. Duplicating the gingi- val tissuesite Figure 33. Gingival sulcus dupli- cated Figure 28. Gingival healing around the temp. crown after adjustment of the me- sio-distaldimension Figure 42. Final frontal view after orthodontic and restorative correction Figure45.Frontalpre-opphoto Figure46.Frontalpost-opphoto Figure 47. Final view with the smile line after cementation of 4unitsveneers Figure43.Finalocclusialviewpost-op Figure 44. Final occlusial view post-op before insertion of the finalcrownshowingcorrectionof thebuccaldefect Figure 31. Buccal view of the healed site af- tersoft tissueconditioning Figure 26.Temp. crown placed and 2 stabilization sutures Figure35.Impressionpost Figure 40. Buccal view with the finalscrewretaincrown Figure38.Pre-opfullarchview Figure39.Post-opfullarchview â—ŠPage3 Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 implant tribune 4 Dr.EhabRashed BSc,BDS,MSc. Dipl.ICOI,Dipl.DGOI DentalXPexpert

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