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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 lab tribune 5 The main messages MESA wish- es to communicate through these efforts is its longstanding commit- ment: the health of the dental tech- nicianandthepatient. MESA selects only the best avail- able raw material on the market, car- riesoutseveremedicaltests (bio-compatibility and corrosion resistance) and guarantees the total absence of any carcinogenic or toxic element in all of its products, in par- ticulartheabsenceofberyllium. In fact, exposure to beryllium vapor or particles is associated with a number of diseases from contact dermatitis to chronic granuloma- tous lung disease, this last known as ChronicBerylliumDisease(CBD). Beryllium and some beryllium compoundsinvaporandparticulate form have been shown to be human carcinogens based on sufficient evi- dence of carcinogenicity from stud- iesinhumans. Risks from exposure to beryl- lium result from casting, grinding, polishing and finishing procedures: dental laboratory technicians has to bealert. Reports of toxicity to Be-con- taining alloys for dentist or patients are limited to a few cases of tran- sient contact dermatitis, but in cases where Be-containing dental pros- theses are ground or polished in the dentaloffice,weincurthesamerisk. Forover40yearsMESAhasbeen working with passion and commit- ment, confident of the quality and reliability of its materials: the com- pany is going to keep on following thispathsupportingitspartnersand customersintheyearstocome. References 1. American Dental Association (ADA); ADA Positions Policies and Statements: Proper Use of Beryllium Containing-Alloys 2. Occupational Safety & Health Ad- ministration (OSHA); Beryllium and ChronicBerylliumDisease BarsforCAD/CAMprocessing Company DentalAlloysforcasting DiscsforCAD/CAMprocessing MESADENTALALLOYS Viadell’Artigianato35,37,39 25039Travagliato(Brescia),Italy CONTACTS: T.+390306863251 F.+390306863252 ◊Page4 A sneak peek into one of the largest shops for dental laboratories ByMarcChalupsky,DTI DT&SHOP, one of the world’s main dental laboratory suppliers, is par- ticipating at IDEM Singapore 2016 with a 50 m² booth. Among the manyhighlights,thecompanydem- onstrates its CAD/CAM units and presents the new FINOCAM A5 mill- ing machine for the first time. Den- tal Tribune Asia Pacific spoke with Eva Maria Roer, CEO of DT&SHOP. The successful female entrepreneur studied economics in Germany and Canada and is recipient of the Or- der of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, among the country’s highestrecognitions. DentalTribune:MsRoer,youhavehad a long and successful career in dental technology. Why did you decide to workinthissegment? Eva Maria Roer: At first, I just wanted to enter a niche segment. Back in the 1970s, dental technology was not nearly as developed and a rela- tively small industry. There were no CAD/CAM systems, of course. Today, dental technology is one of the most important and innovative areas within dentistry. The segment has embraced digitisation and used it for the benefit of the patient. The range of crowns, bridges, and partial and complete dentures available is enormous and diverse, as is evident in our shop’s portfolio. In 2003, we had 30,000 products and there are nearly 50,000 items today. The as- sortment is constantly changing, which means that customer service too has increased throughout the years. At the same time, cheap pro- vidersbegancompetingwithquality shops like DT&SHOP. However, we responded with courage, determina- tion, perseverance, joy and creativity to achieve our current market posi- tion,ofwhichIammostproud. DT&SHOP is now among the world’s largest service providers and distribu- tors of dental technology. What have been the most important interna- tional milestones since the company’s establishment in1978? In 1978, we established DT&SHOP with less than US$5,000. We intro- duced catalogues, then a revolution- ary step in the distribution of dental technology. We also attached great importance to equality between women and men and to a high level of customer advisory services. We always intended to develop into a major shop and have pursued this plan without deviation. Internation- ally, the German-speaking region was initially important for us. In 1991,weintroducedtheshopinSwit- zerland and Austria. With the Maas- tricht Treaty and the founding of the European Union in 1993, we added France, the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark. Today, we export to about 100countries,haveourownsubsidi- aries and associates in 15 countries, and communicate in many languag- es. Our customer service is mainly providedfromGermany. In Asia, there are already quite a number of dealers in dental labora- tory products. What distinguishes DT&SHOP from these companies? EvaMariaRoer,CEOofDT&SHOP ThemodernDT&SHOPheadquarters ThemodernDT&SHOPheadquarters ÿPage6

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