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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 lab tribune 4 Mesa Dental Alloys: More than 40 Years’ Experience Directly at your Premeses TheItaliandentalalloysmanufacturerisincreasingitseffortsforitslongstandingcommitment ByMESA With over 40 years’ experience and located in Northern Italy, MESA manufactures more than 50 types of CoCr and NiCr based alloys (for PFM, partials/prostheses, crowns & bridges, soldering) and CoCr based discsandbarsforCAD/CAMmilling. All products have undergone severe medical tests, comply with ISO standards (ISO 9001: 2008; ISO 13485:2012), are CE-marked and FDA-certified (Operator Number: 10044677). MESA products are successfully used and distributed throughout the world in comply with the local necessary certifications and authori- sations. NowMESAiscommittedtowork personally with its international partners and is organizing technical trainings on-site. Hold by the Senior Dental Technician Daniele Becca- lossi with the assistance of dedicat- ed MESA Sales Area Managers, the courses focus on all the main steps to properly use casting alloys in or- der to obtain the best Porcelain Fuse toMetalresults. Starting from different plas- ter and resin work solutions for the model preparation, covering all main steps of waxing build-up and pinning, comparing the most used casting methods, explaining the best metal finishing techniques and showing concretely how to pro- ceed with the single steps of porce- lain stratification (opaque, dentine, enamel, translucent and stains lay- ers, glazing and finishing), the cours- eshavebeenmetwithmuchsuccess in China, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka andCambodia. In particular the last training heldintheFacultyofDentistryatthe International University of Phnom Penh in February 2016 gathered more than 30 participants from 15 differentlocallaboratories. DanieleBeccalossipraisesalong- standingexperienceasSeniorDental Technician, trainer and demonstra- tor, having opened his own activity already in 1990 and cooperating as official lecturer for MATCHMAKER CERAMIC by SCHOTTLANDER (UK), GC DENTAL and NORITAKE porce- lain (Japan). He has been working withMESAsince2013. MESA training are not only fo- cused on traditional PFM procedure: during the upcoming 11th edition of DTIM (DENTAL TECHNICIAN INTER- NATIONAL MEETING), which will be held in Dubai next May, MESA staff will introduce its CAD CAM material, CoCrdiscsandbars. Mesa has been producing Chrome Cobalt discs for CAD/CAM milling systems for over 10 years. During this period of time, CAD/ CAM discs have been supplied in manydifferentmaterialsandshapes, meeting up the continuous changes of the market requirements. At present Mesa’s CAD/CAM discs are provided from 6mm up to 30mm height, with 95mm und 98,5mm di- ameter. Mesa also produces discs on customers’specifications. MESA Cobalt Chrome Bars for CAD/CAM processing instead have been specifically designed to the manufacturing of implant abut- ments.Theyareavailableindifferent Co-Cr based materials, sizes, diam- eters and lengths. Their specifically designedshapeisintendedtoreduce the milling costs and material scraps typicalofdiscs. Dental Alloys Via dell’Artigianato 35/37/39 25039 Travagliato (BS) Italy T. +39 030 6863251 F. +39 030 6863252 - ÿPage5 TrainingCourseCambodia T. +390306863251 F. +390306863252

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