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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 lab tribune 3 ◊Page2 Inspiteof thefact that metal-ceramicsarewellknownandlongestablished in themarket, theystillofferamplescopeforoptimization.Theobjectiveof IvoclarVivadent hasbeen torealize theseoptimizationsand theyhavebeen incorporatedinto thenewIPSStyle. ...and hardly any light is absorbed. This property contrib- utes significantly to the depth effect of restorations ve- neeredwithIPSStyle,similartothedeptheffectofnatural teeth. The IPS Style system includes not only a wide gamut of materials but also special components for single- and multiple-layer techniques. Users can select those materi- als that are best suited to their personal preferences and theindicationat hand. In spite of the new combination of crystals, the applica- tion and processing procedure of IPS Style has remained unchanged. The ceramic materials are handled as before and they are easy to shape.They offer considerable stabil- ity,whichisanadvantagewhenapplying them. The IPS Style system has been designed with flexibility in mind. It comprises components for both conventional multiplelayertechniquesandsingle-layertechniques.The comprehensiveofferingofmaterialsenablesvirtuallylim- itlesscolourcombinations. same as before. IPS Style can be pro- cessed in the customary procedure. The matching powder opaquer, IPS StyleCeramPowderOpaquer,iseasy to apply and reliably masks alloy frameworks in a single thin coating. The risk for errors is therefore mini- mized and special training is not re- quired.Theproductiseasytohandle -andthisistrueforboththelayering materials and opaquer. IPS Style can be described best in the following words: more beautiful, easier and morecomfortable. Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea: Who is the new metal-ceramic designed for? Domenika Diesing: For everybody, from beginner to experienced user. It is equally suitable for those who use an elaborate conventional lay- ering technique and for those who prefer a straightforward streamlined method to fabricate restorations. Because of these criteria, IPS Style is suited for all laboratories, small or large. It does not matter whether a laboratory predominantly manu- factures metal- or all-ceramic resto- rations, IPS Style meets the needs of both types of labs. Being compatible with the IPS Style range, IPS Ivocolor, the new stains and glaze assortment from Ivoclar Vivadent, bridges the gapbetweentheseceramics. Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea: What do you mean by this? Can you give us moreinformationabout IPSIvocolor? Martin Frontull: IPS Ivocolor is a universal assortment of glazes and stains that comprises an innovative portfolioofshades. What is special about Ivocolor is the fact that it can be used in conjunc- tion with all fired IPS ceramics from Ivoclar Vivadent and with the zirco- nium oxide materials from Wieland Dental,e.g.Zenostar.Thismeansthat IPS Ivocolor also provides a fabulous option for all-ceramic restorations, e.g.IPSe.max. In the lab, IPS Ivocolor can be used as an overarching link between metal- andall-ceramicrestorations.Thisnot only reduces the number of shades that need to be kept in stock but also considerablystreamlinesthefabrica- tionofcomplexrestorations. Domenika Diesing: The advantage is thatnowasinglesystemcanbeused for the entire gamut of ceramic ma- terials. The aim of providing a range that is manageable and economical has been greatly achieved with this system. It offers users a great deal of flexibility: from staining and glazing tomixingwithceramicmaterials. Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea: What initial feedback have you received from the market? What conclusions doyoudrawfromthisfeedback? Martin Frontull: We have received very positive feedback from our user tests so far. The initial feedback described exactly those points that mattered most to us. It confirmed that IPS Style is easy to use, shows low shrinkage and is stable when layered. The esthetic properties have beendescribedasoutstanding.There isagreatinterestinthismaterial. DentalTribuneMEA/CAPPmea:Please describe once again briefly the fea- turesthat makeIPSStylesospecial. Domenika Diesing: IPS Style com- bines productivity, product perfor- manceandestheticsinasingleprod- uct. Fast, easy and faithful to nature. Users can fabricate the restorations using the method that suits them best in line with the given clincial situation without having to make compromises. IPS Style has been desigend to liberate dental techni- cians from annoying restrictions - in keeping with the product motto: “MakeityourStyle!” MrFrontullandMsDiesing,thankyou forthisinterview. Fig. 1: The disc line from Dentsply Sirona CAD/ CAM includes a conventional and a pre-shaded translucent zirconiumoxidesinteredceramic. Fig. 3: The intelligent inLab MC X5 color class concept is also used for Dentsply Si- rona CAD/CAM discs, tools, tool magazine, andin theinLabCAMsoftware. Fig. 2: Thanks to the standard format (Ø 98.5 mm), the DentsplySironaCAD/CAMdiscs,suchastheinCorisPMMA guidediscpicturedhere,areoptimallycompatiblewithin- LabMCX5andwithotherproductionunitsaswell. SuccessfulLaunchoftheDentsplySirona CAD/CAMDiscLine ByDentsplySirona Intelligent CAD/CAM solutions from a single source – Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM now offers not only the hardware and software for single-source restorations, but the materials as well. The most recent confirmation of this comes from the successful launch of the disc line for the 5-axis inLab MC X5 production unit.Fromconventional-sinteredzir- coniumoxidetopre-shadedtranslu- cent zirconium oxide to transparent PMMAplasticforsurgicalguides,the rangeofmaterialsensureshighqual- ityandsafetyfordentallabs. Bensheim/Salzburg, March 24th , 2016. Dental technicians and inLab MC X5 users all over the world can now use various discs in the stand- ard format (Ø 98.5 mm) from Dent- sply Sirona CAD/CAM. The disc line includes the inCoris ZI disc, a con- ventional zirconium oxide sintered ceramic for producing frameworks or more complex jobs, such as at- tachments and connecting bars. The inCoris TZI C disc is just right for those who want pre-shaded, trans- lucent zirconium oxide. The inCoris PMMAguidegiveslabsatransparent plastic disc for fast and cost ef- fective in-house production of surgical guides. Thus, integrated implant plan- ning with inLab software SW 15 requires neither a model nor a radiographic template to pro- duce guides. The color coding for material classes on the Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM discs, which is applied consistently to tools, toolmagazine andinthe inLab CAM software, ensures convenient, safe processing of discs with the in- LabMCX5laboratoryunit. With the standard format (Ø 98.5 mm), Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM discs can be used not only with the inLab MC X5 production unit, but with many other production units that are open and suitable for the discformataswell. TheinCorisPMMAguide,theinCoris ZI and inCoris TZI C disc- the latter two in various heights and colors- are available from specialized deal- ers.Furthermore,additionaldiscsare being developed, such as the cobalt- chrome sintered metal inCoris CCB. Visit for more information about Dentsply Sironaanditsproducts. DentsplySirona SironaStraße1 5071WalsbeiSalzburg,Austria T+43(0)6622450-588 F+43(0)6622450-540 Fact box Make it your Style! About IPS Style: - First metal-ceramic with patented oxyapatite - For maximum efficiency, easy handling and natural esthetics in the dental lab - Low-fusing ceramic in the classic CTE range - Components for single and multiple layer techniques - IPS Ivocolor is part of the IPS Style range and is suitable for individualized staining and characterizations of restorations. Indications: - Single or multiple unit bridges - Partial or fully contoured single crowns - Veneers - Restorations with gingival parts - Ceramic shoulder contouring IPS Style Powder Opaquer: - Reliable masking effect even if applied in a thin coating - Conventional brush application or spray-on technique

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