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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

March-April 2016 | No. 2, Vol. 6 PRINTed in dubai IPSStyle:morebeautiful,easierandmore comfortable IvoclarVivadentlaunchesanewmetal-ceramicsystemInterviewwithMartinFrontull andDomenikaDiesing,bothproductmanagersatIvoclarVivadent. ByIvoclarVivadent AG Ivoclar Vivadent is a pioneer in den- tal ceramics and a global market leader in several product areas. The company has revolutionized the ceramic market over the past dec- ades and created a comprehensive product portfolio. Ivoclar Vivadent has also gained a strong foothold in the field of metal-ceramic materials, which have been used as a stand- ard product in dental labs for many years. Although metal-free ceram- ics and digitally processed materials have recently been at the focus of public attention, Ivoclar Vivadent is currently introducing a new metal- ceramic: IPS Style. Editor-in-Chief Dan Krammer wanted to find out more about this material. He invited product managers Martin Frontull and Domenika Diesing to a talk with him. DentalTribuneMEA/CAPPmea:Metal- ceramic materials have been around for more than 40 years. Digital pro- cessing and CAD/CAM are gaining momentum all over the world. Why do you launch another metal-ceramic now? Domenika Diesing: Although the media and communication are dominatedbythetopicofCAD/CAM technologies, metal-ceramic resto- rations - and therefore the conven- tional working method - are still part of the day-to-day work in the dental lab. Metal-ceramics still account for the lion’s share of fixed prosthet- ics. Worldwide, still more than 60% of restorations are made of metal- ceramics. Overall, the market figures show a stable global trend for this business segment. All this indicates that metal-ceramics continues to playarelevantrole.Andwillgoonto dosointheforeseeablefuture. In spite of this, metal-ceramics has seen very little development over the past years. Digital framework manufacturing is increasingly be- coming a standard in laboratory procedures, yet the manufacturers of existing metal-ceramic systems ÿPage2 IPS e.max® PRESS MULTI THE WORLD’S FIRST POLYCHROMATIC PRESS INGOT • Monolithic LS2 restorations showing a lifelike shade progression • Exceptional combination of strength, esthetics and efficiency • For crowns, veneers and hybrid abutment crowns • Coordinated with high-precision Programat press furnaces • Maximum cost effectiveness in the press technique • • • all ceramic all you need Ivoclar Vivadent AG Bendererstrasse 2 | 9494 Schaan | Liechtenstein Tel.: +423 235 35 35 | Fax: +423 235 33 60 LIFELIKE ESTHETICS – EFFICIENTLY PRESSED In spite of the new combination of crystals, the application and processing procedure of IPS Style has remained unchanged. The ceramic materials are handledasbeforeandtheyareeasytoshape.Theyofferconsiderablestability, whichisanadvantagewhenapplying them. are hardly addressing this situa- tion. New approaches reflecting this development are nowhere to be found. With regard to the economic efficiency of processing procedures, metal-ceramicsstilloffer agreat deal of potential. If users are asked di- rectly,itbecomesonceagainevident that they have unmet needs. With increasing economic pressure, the workflow has to be more efficient. Customers want products that are easy to use yet offer maximum es- thetics. Transitions from analogue to digital procedures should be smooth. In a nutshell: even if metal- ceramics have been on the market for a long time, there is still a lot of potentialforimprovement. Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea: In other words, does IPS Style offer any- thingtrulyneworisitjust“oldwinein newbottles”? Martin Frontull: No, not at all! The new metal-ceramic system offers important innovations. It provides a solution for many limitations that existing systems have never addressed in spite of having been around for 40 years. Examples in this respect are shrinkage and a han- dling procedure that often is less than straightforward. Another ex- ample is esthetics - the number one visiblesalesargumentforanydental lab work. IPS Style offers improve- mentsinalltheseaspects. The basic idea behind IPS Style is to offer users as much freedom as pos- sibleintheirwork-andintheirselec- tionofframeworkmaterials. Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea: What exactlydoyoumeanbythis? Martin Frontull: IPS Style is compat- ible with all customary alloys in the indicated CTE range. It is even possi- ble to apply IPS Style without bond- ing material if a base metal alloy is used.Thisisanessentialfeaturewith regard to compatibility with frame- works that are manufactured using an analog or digital method. It goes without saying that we have also as- sessed the compatibility of IPS Style withourownalloys.Theresultshave beenpositive. Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea: What exactly is new or different about IPS Style?What isspecialabout it? Martin Frontull: IPS Style is the first metal-ceramic material to use pat- ented oxyapatite. Oxyapatite crys- tals have never been used in a dental ceramicbefore.Thisisaworldfirst. Leucite and fluorapatite crystals have largely become established as integral constituents of metal- ceramics. IPS Style complements the known crystals with oxyapatite to create a new crystal architecture. This imparts the ceramic with tailor- made properties. Leucite controls the expansion and stability of the ceramic. Fluorapatite provides a natural inherent brightness, vitality and expression. Oxyapatite crystals fulfil a special function: They have a high capacity for reflecting incident light. This means that they reflect a high amount of light or, the other way round, they do not absorb light. This significantly contributes to the natural optical properties of the res- torationandcreatesadeptheffect. Oxyapatite crystals are contained in all shaded components of the IPS Style range. Their content var- ies from opaquer to incisal materi- als. The translucency or opacity of the material can be controlled by varying the content of oxyapatite crystals. The material’s excellent inherent brightness leads to results that look very natural in their oral settings. They maintain their shade regardless of how many times they arefired. Optimized shrinkage behaviour and minimized rounding at the edges during firing are further essential aspects that give IPS Style its spe- cial edge. Users arrive at the desired result in a short time. The final con- tours can already be established dur- ing the layering procedure before the first firing process. The number of firings is reduced as the need for time-consuming layering proce- dures, required for corrective firings, is eliminated. The time that the user requires to complete the restoration isreducedaccordingly. Domenika Diesing: In spite of the new combination of crystals, the Tel.: +4232353535 | Fax: +4232353360

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