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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

Dr.RimBogari,Bahrain Thewaitingroom-aboutiquestyleDentalCentrewithaParisianflare. TheDr.RimBogariDentalCenteroperatingroom Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 40 interview "Keep your natural smile on because you are beautiful" An interview with Dr. Rim Bogari owner of Dr. Rim Bogari Dental Center in Bahrain ByDentalTribuneMEA/CAPPmea Dental Tribune MEA & CAPPmea spokewithDr.RimBogari. Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea: Dr. Rim can you tell us about yourself and your work experience in Bahrain and yourDr.RimBogariDentalCenter? Dr. Rim Bogari: My Name is Dr. Rim Bogari, I am from Saudi Arabia liv- ing & working in Bahrain. I learned the German language and conclud- ed my doctorate degree from the prestigious university of Berlin in Germany. There has always been an artistic side of me including drawing and handcraft, my artistic side was a major factor in choosing Cosmetic Dentistry, the ability for me to real- ize the fusion between art and den- tistry giving me the uniqueness to my career and future ambitions. Dr. Rim Bogari Dental Centre is just the start of my dreams, it expresses my passion and art fusion in Dentistry, I wanted to create a new level in den- tistry, creating my own signature of outstandingquality&service. What is the look and atmosphere of your clinic? A typical dental Clinic? Whydopatientsfeelspecialwithyou? Dr. Rim Bogari Center is a boutique style Dental Centre with a Parisian flare. It is a place that is so far from your usual dental atmosphere, start- ing from the entrance where the pa- tientwouldbeexclusivelywelcomed to a front desk and have their infor- mation filled in digitally. Our wait- ing area is a place where the patient can relax before going into the treat- ment room, while having a great view staring in the heart of the city centre with relaxing music playing in the background. Our patients will always be offered to drink refresh- ments before their treatment. Our treatment rooms have a panoramic view overlooking the main road in theheartofBahrain.OurDentalCen- tre is happy to be the first to clinic to have the Porsche Design Dental Chair exclusively in our region. Our patients feel different when treated at our Centre and we provide them with all the time needed to listen andunderstandtheirneedscarefully before we try our best to reach what both parties consider as the best treatment plan. We have built ex- tremely trustful relationships with our patients which are important to usnotonlyduringthetreatmentbut alsoafter.Ourclientsareourguests. You are the Country Chairperson in theGulfRegionfortheEuropeanSoci- ety of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD), how have you taken on this responsibility andwhat doesit involve? It is with pride and honour to be the Gulf Chairperson of the ESCD, it is a great Society that offers a lot of updated knowledge in the cos- metic field. We meet in different countries and offer lectures to our members that would add to their practice rich information through known speakers from all over the world. It is a great responsibility & pleasure to have been delegated the chairpersonship for the Gulf region representingmutualvaluesandbest practices amongst being part and memberofthisprestigioussociety. How do you see Cosmetic and Aes- thetic Dentistry evolving into the fu- ture? Cosmetic Dentistry is becoming the main concentration in Dentistry es- pecially in the last few years through all dental fields with an aim to have a beautiful smile as a final stage in the treatment plan. Cosmetic Den- tistry has developed a lot and we see it becoming as minimal invasive or non-invasive as possible, whereas in thepastdentistsusedtopracticecos- metic dentistry with a lot of damage to natural teeth. I really like the cur- rentandfuturedirectionofcosmetic dentistry as it is completely trying to stay as natural as possible and this in my opinion is the hardest part, where we try to keep the personal- ity and the character of the patient whilst enhancing the appearance of the teeth in a very natural and much less invasive way. It is a challenge for usdentistsandonlyafewcanmaster this. Weknowyouareveryactiveinupdat- ingyourdentaleducationcontinuous- ly, what motivates you to constantly stay on the edge of updates, and how doyoumaketime? I always like to deliver to my pa- tients the best and most advanced treatments available. As dentistry changes from year to year, if we weren'tuptodatethanithinkweare disappointingourpatientswhohave their trust and belief in us. Especially if we are talking about cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry, which is now the talk of the town and has changed a lot especially the last couple of years due to all the advancements in Digi- tal Dentistry. I think we can easily describe it as the era of modern Den- tistry. I am a mother with a kid and it is so hard to balance between my work and family life. I will not deny that there are days where I cannot see my child especially when I am out of town visiting some courses or conferences, but we all know that buildingacareerisnotaneasypath. Will you be attending the upcoming 11th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry or 8thDentalFacialCosmeticInt'lConfer- encebyCAPPmeainDubaithisyear? Yes I will and I am waiting for that, especially the Dental Facial Cosmet- ic Conference which has amazing workshops and hands-on courses everyyear.Ithinkitisoneofthebest conferencesdoneinDubai,ifnotthe best. With such a busy schedule, how do you combine personal life with your work? It is very hard to balance between both especially for a person like me who just established a Dental Centre andisaimingformuchmoretogrow in the Gulf Region. I could say I think less of myself as a woman and I am fully concentrating on my work and how to succeed. The most important thingistostayhealthyandfit,sports andhavingmyowntimesometimes is a need. I could say that my fam- ily might miss me, but I know in the near future I will be available much more. Do you read, follow Dental Tribune MEAintheRegion? Of course I do as it is the largest Den- tal Newspaper in the world contain- ing the latest up to date information forusDentists.Especiallyfordentists who are interested in further educa- tion and in being always on the edge of Dentistry. I enjoy reading the arti- cles, I have personally added much value to my personal knowledge from the dental tribune, thank you forsuchagreatnewspaper. Would you like to share anything else withthereaders? Iwouldliketothankyousomuchfor having me on board, I would like to mention one important note to our readers, nothing competes to the natural beauty of yourself. Even in Cosmetic Dentistry nothing would come closetothe beauty ofanatural tooth. Dentists should always con- centrate on preserving the natural teeth, we have to try and spread this message out and change the con- cept of what real beauty is like. Being natural is being yourself, even if we are talking about having white teeth, this could also be done in a very natural way, Cosmetic Dentistry is a Dental Art Fusion between your natural teeth, our art and passion, latest technology and science. So keep your natural smile on because youarebeautiful! “CosmeticDentistryisaDental ArtFusionbetweenyournatural teeth,ourartandpassion,latest technologyandscience.” Contact Information Dr.RimBogari CosmeticDentist GulfChairpersonESCD Dr.RimBogariDentalCenter +97333009008 +97317300114

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