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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

Fig.1.IndirectProcedurehands-onworkshop.Dr.SabrosaandDr.Mohammed AlRafee,GeneralDirectorofDentistry ofMinistryofHealth. Fig.2.Dr.Sabrosawith theRoadshowparticipants Fig. 3. Dr. Carlos Sabrosa and Dr. Paul Nahas at the open- ingof theRoadshow Fig.2.3MOralCareTeamat AEEDC Fig.1.Demo-sessiononimpressionmaterialswithDr.RashaAhmed Fig.3.Dr.AngeloPutignanowith the3MTeam Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 news 4 Efficient & Easy Dentistry 3M Saudi Arabia Roadshow, January, 22-26 2016 By3M 3M has always been and remains a company which is staying at the forefront of customer education. On January, 22-26 3M Oral Care Solu- tions Division in Saudi Arabia held a 4-day 3M Health Care Academy Roadshow covering 4 major cities in the country with participation of 2 leading speakers in esthetic dentist- ry Dr. Carlos Sabrosa (Brazil) and Dr. PaulNahas(Lebanon). The Roadshow started in Jeddah and then continued in Taief, Riyad and Al Khobar. During these 4 days over 850 dentists from both private and governmental clinics of Saudi Arabia attended the event. 3M Com- pany also had an honor to host Dr. Mohammed Al Rafee, General Direc- tor of Dentistry of the Ministry of HealthofSaudiArabia. The event was designed around Efficient and Easy Dentistry, expos- ing dentists to the different proce- dure solutions from 3M which will make dentistry really efficient and easy for them. The program covered posterior restorative procedure so- lutions, especially focusing on the newly launched Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative material. It also covered different techniques of posterior indirect restorations right from the core buildup, retraction, automix impressions, temporiza- tionandfinalplacementoftheresto- rations with various cements, shed- ding light on the different solutions that3Mhastoofferinthisarea. The program consisted of the combination of lectures and hands- on workshops. Dr. Carlos Sabrosa coveredIndirectProceduretopicand Dr. Paul Nahas focused on Posterior RestorativeProcedure. There is a large variety of steps to be followed to achieve success. Understanding the concept makes it easy to apply the use of modern materials. The lecture of Dr. Sabrosa was providing the evidence-based requirements that should be fol- lowed such as tooth preparation design and tooth surface topogra- phy, core build-ups, provisional res- torations, impression materials and techniques, cements and adhesive cementation. Knowing that dentists always seek for better materials with easier manipulation, faster hardening, low shrinkage or low stress, combined with an excellent esthetic outcome, Dr. Nahas shared his experience on techniques related to bulk fill com- positerestorationsusingeitheropen or close sandwich technique. He also talked about the properties of the materials used, the advantages, indi- cations and the difficulties that den- tists may face during the posterior restorationcreation. TheRoadshowwashighlyappre- ciatedbytheattendeeswhotoldthat both lectures and workshops from both speakers were relevant to their daily practice and offered easy and effective techniques using innova- tive 3M products to solve challenges theyface. About thelecturers Dr. Carlos Sabrosa is an Associate Professor of the Department of Re- storative Dentistry at the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro Dental School, Brazil. He received his DDS from the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro Dental School and the Clinical Advanced Graduate Stud- ies (CAGS) Degree in Prosthodontics from Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, USA. Dr. Sabrosa also received his Master of Science and Doctor of Science De- grees in Prosthodontics/Biomateri- alsfromBostonUniversityGoldman School of Dental Medicine, USA. He hasaprivatepractice,focusedinOral Rehabilitation and Implantology, in Lebon,RiodeJaneiro,Brazil. Dr. Paul Nahas graduated from the Lebanese University, Beirut. He received his post-graduate degree in fixed and partial removable pros- thodontics in France at the Univer- sity of Claude Bernard, Lyon. He is the chairperson of the Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry department at theLebaneseUniversity. New 3M Oral Care Products and Solutions at AEEDC 2016 By3M On 2-4th of February 3M Company took part in AEEDC 2016, one of the leading dental exhibitions in the Middle East and Africa. The newest products and technologies for dental and orthodontic professionals were presentedat3Mbooth,whichbecame the area of active customer interac- tionandengagementduringallthree daysoftheexhibition. 3M Oral Care booth was de- signed to provide the most compre- hensive information about the new- est 3M products and technologies to thedentistsandorthodontistswhich came from various parts of Mid- dle East and Africa Region. Exciting customer journey included testimo- nial, educational and entertainment areas filled with various interactive activities. At the product testimonial ar- eas experienced 3M specialists were sharing information about the new and existing products for the Direct and Indirect dental procedures, so- lutions for Preventive and Pediatric treatment, innovative technologies for Orthodontic practice. Doctors could perform a test-drive of a new Elipar™ DeepCure S curing light and assess quality of cure of the most modern Filtek™ composites for anterior and posterior restora- tions, get precise impressions or carry out hydrophilicity test with Impregum™Penta™ polyether and Express™ A-silicone automix im- pressionmaterials. At the educational area of the booth doctors could attend rich scientific program consisting of lec- tures and demo-sessions on the new dental and orthodontic products held by 3M Oral Care Scientific Af- fairs and Education experts. Dental professionals had opportunity to learn more about fast and efficient posterior restorations with Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative, stress- bearing class I and II restorations with new Ketac™ Universal Glass Ionomer material, discover how to create highly esthetic restorations with Style Italiano technique using Filtek™ Z350XT nano-composite restorative material, or discuss reli- able cementation techniques using variety of RelyX™ cements with Dr. Rasha Ahmed, Scientific Affairs and Education Expert from 3M Gulf. High interest of the doctors was also attracted by the discussion about di- rect and indirect procedure efficien- cy using signature 3M restorative andprosthodonticproducts. Andduringorthodonticsessions Dr. Ahmed Basyoni, MEA Scien- tific Affairs and Education Manager, shared peculiarities of work with Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic Brack- ets, new Victory™ Series Superior Buccal Tubes and APC™ Flash-Free AdhesiveCoatedApplianceSystem. After the educational activities guests could rest in the comfort- able lounge area or take photos with their colleagues next to the ‘Wall of Fame’. And at the area for custom- er feedback visitors were willingly sharing their experience of work- ing with 3M dental and orthodontic products, providing new ideas how to strengthen customer interaction and were simply expressing their positive emotions writing their wishesandwordsofappreciation! Duringthethreeexhibitiondays more than 4,000 customers visited 3M Oral Care booth. Among them over250doctorstookpartin20pres- entations and live demonstrations. And those doctors who couldn’t attend the event could afterwards watch an interview about 3M educa- tionalactivitieswhichDubaiTVtook withDr.RashaAhmed. Inadditiontotheexhibitionpart traditionally 3M held pre- and post- conference workshops for the den- tists coming from various countries of Gulf Region. On the February, 1 Dr. NabilOutaik(Canada)carriedoutlec- ture and workshop for Pediatric den- tists and on the February, 5 Dr. Ajay Juneja (UAE) held lecture and work- shoponIndirectAestheticVeneers. 3MScience.AppliedtoLife. Formoreinformationpleasevisit 3M Saudi Arabia Roadshow, January, 22-262016

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