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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 39 interview Dr.PatrickHescot,formerPresidentoftheFDIEuropeanRegionalOrganization beinginterviewedbyDentalTribuneMEA. PhilipsSonicareboothinDubai,UAE FromRight toLeft:Dr.MounzerSrour-Sr.BusinessDev.ManagerPhilips,Dr.PatrickHescot -President FDI, Ms.MayBuhaisi&Mr.ChrisWatts-MarketingTeamPhilips,Mrs.HennyArstal-GeneralManagerCastle Trading (UAEDistributorPhilips)andMr.TzvetanDeyanov-DentalTribuneMEA. “It is important for us to adapt our global projects to the culture in the Middle East” Interview with Dr. Patrick Hescot, former President of the FDI European Regional Organization ByDentalTribuneMEA/CAPPmea Dental Tribune MEA had the pleas- ure to interview Dr. Patrick Hescot, President of the FDI World Dental FederationwhowaspresentinDubai last February in order to promote World Oral Health Day and celebrate FDI global partnership with Philips and to promote FDI 2016 in Poznán, Poland later this year (7-10 Septem- ber). During the exclusive interview, Dr. Hescot shared his passion for prevention including the transfer of expertise to the regional dental soci- etiesaroundtheMiddleEastregion. Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea: Dr Patrick Hescot our pleasure to wel- come you to the Philips booth at the AEEDC meeting here in Dubai where you are present to promote World OralHealthDayandFDIAnnualWorld Dental Congress, amongst other things. Can you share a little bit about yourself? Dr. Patrick Hescot: It is my pleasure to be here. First of all, we are here to stress the very importance of the teamwork surrounding the World Oral Health Day and how we can transfer our experience to the re- gional dental associations and so- cieties. As you may know, before becoming the president of the FDI, I have been involved in the FDI work for over 20 years. I was the former President of the FDI European Re- gional Organization, served on the FDI council since 2007 and was des- ignated President-Elect in 2013. Pre- vention has been a lifelong hobby of mine and I have had the pleasure to head the prevention campaigns for the French Dental Association in the last20yearswhilstfurtherservingas an advisor to the French Ministry of Health. FDI and Royal Philips recently signed a global agreement to promote the im- portance of oral health. Please share your views on the overall partnership and how you plan to transfer this to theMiddleEast region? It is a pleasure to work with Philips whom I very much admire. We have welcomed them happily to our group of sponsors and support- ers and once again congratulate them for demonstrating their com- mitment to the cause of global oral health awareness. The upcoming World Oral Health Day is a perfect example of the opportunity to po- sition oral health where it belongs and to demonstrate the importance of prevention. Philips has a great productandIrecommendtheirelec- tric toothbrush as an essential part of maintaining a good oral health standard. As an advocate of prevention, what is important forgoodoralhealth? The main principle of the FDI has always been to promote oral health. It is important to prevent and main- tain good oral health standards and this is what our programs are all about. The treatment stage is al- readytoolate,agood oralhealthlife- style starts with our children in the schools,theparents,thefamilies,and these are the people we need to edu- cate on proper prevention. We have to create a new process of oral health and this process is about therapeutic education, maintenance and again prevention. We will be presenting thisextensivelyattheupcomingFDI inPoznánwhereweaimtoshowcase the new definition of oral health. We welcome all dental professionals to attend the FDI Annual World Dental Congress between 07-10 September 2016 in Poland. The most important for each person is their own self es- teem which is greatly affected by their oral health. It is impossible to speak or live a good social life with- outgoodoralhealth. What are the oral health challenges you come across most in dentistry to- day? One of the most important prob- lems is Peri Implantis, one of the long term risks associated with den- tal implants which is the infectious disease causing inflammation of the surrounding gum and bone of an already integrated dental implant which leads to the loss of support- ing bone. FDI has a big focus on this problem as there are many patients nowadays with placed implants. The problem is caused not only by bad implants but also by improper den- tistry and this is a condition which is becoming very dangerous and FDI hasafocustotacklethisissue. Working with Philips is very impor- tant because they must understand electric toothbrush is good, dentsits must receive explanation why it is good.Manualvselectri. HowistheFDItransferringtheknowl- edgetodentistryintheMiddleEast? It is important for us to adapt our global projects to the culture in the Middle East which differs from Eu- rope.ThroughourtriphereinDubai, we have been able to meet and dis- cuss with various dental societies and associations such as the Qatari, Omani and Saudi Dental Societies the very importance of our pro- grams and how they themselves can carry these out in their own coun- tries.Throughtheexpertiseandtool- kits the regional dental societies can educate their populations in their respective countries. This is what the World Oral Health Day is all about. It is our duty to provide dentistry in the region with the right tools to get themessagesacrossthroughpromo- tion with an end goal to improve the oral health of the children and the families. Whataresomeoftheexamplesofthe toolkitsforWOHD? There are various opportunities, in Europe we work a lot at the schools, it is very important to educate chil- dren at a young age who will com- municate with the parents and the families. Through activations at the schools, events on the streets and within the dental practices there are numerous possibilities for the regional dental associations to cam- paign for a healthier smile, a health- ier life. We have shared our papers, posters, documents and toolkits which are used globally during this global World Oral Health Day. It is a pleasuretoseethatseveralcountries havegonebeyondandorganizeden- tire dental weeks in their respective countries. The WOHD benefits all and it is important that all have one dayoneway,thisistheFDIWOHD. Thank you Dr. Patrick Hescot for your informative feedback. We wish you lots of success at the upcoming con- gress in Poznán, Poland between 07- 10September2016. “Itisimportanttopreventand maintaingoodoralhealth standardsandthisiswhatour programsareallabout.”

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