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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

“Neverstopbeingcuriousand openfornewthings” ByDentalTribuneMEA/CAPPmea Dental Tribune MEA & CAPPmea spoke with Dr. Gun Norell about In- manAlignerAcademy. DentalTribune MEA/CAPPmea: A true pleasurehavingtheopportunitytoin- terview Dr. Gun Norell. You have been quite active in the Middle East since 2007 now. Could you elaborate on your experience in the region and the experience behind working in Dubai asadentist? Dr. Gun Norell: To work as a Den- tist in this region has been a wonder- ful experience but also a great chal- lenge since we have a multicultural population.EverydayImeetpatients withdifferentneedsandcomplaints. Some of them need comprehensive multidisciplinary treatments while other patients only need small cos- metic treatments. It is very impor- tant to listen carefully and respect every individual patient. This means I continuously have to develop my skills. You have famously become an advo- cate for minimal invasive dentistry and the Inman Aligner Academy, how wereyoufirstexposedtothepossibili- ties behind the Alignment, Bleaching and Bonding concept/treatment and whydidyoustart? First time I heard about Inman Aligner was in the US when I at- tended a meeting AACD (American Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry) and talked to a Swedish colleague. ShetoldmeabouttheInmanAligner and the concept with bleaching and bonding. This immediately caught my interest so I signed up for next CertificationcourseinLondon20011. AfterthecourseIcouldn’twaittoget back to Dubai and start treating my patients this way. Finally I had the knowledgeandthetreatmenttogive my patients a great smile in a fast, safe and predicable way that fits the lifestyle of most people in UAE. As predicted, the Inman Aligner treat- ment has been a great success from the very beginning and the treat- mentusuallyonlytakes6-16week. With the experience you have in the region, why is minimal invasive den- tistry so important for the patients as opposedtoinvasivedentistry? Mostpeoplewantwhite,straight teeth and a beautiful smile but they do not understand the full proce- dure for different treatments. My patients in this region are young and that means most of them they havehealthyfrontteethbuttheyare often misaligned and discolored. If youcuttheseteethandfitthemwith veneers you put them into a great risk for further treatments later on. The gum line recede by the time and veneersusuallyhastobereplacedaf- ter 10-15 years.Each time you replace the veneers you remove more tooth substance. Therefore veneers should bethelastresort. To align the teeth the minimal invasivewaywiththeInmanAligner before bleaching and bonding with composite gives you a natural beau- tiful smile with white and straight teethforlife. How do you best describe the Inman Aligner as a concept and its integra- tion into the Alignment, Bonding and Bleachingpackage? What has been revolutionary with Inman Aligner is to show how you can combine different kind of treatments in a way that has not been described before and since the GPcandoalltreatmentitisavailable forallpatients. Whenshoulddentistsusetheconcept of the Academy and how long can eachtreatmentlastbeforethepatient ishappywiththeresults? IAS training doesn’t stop there, however, a learning continuum has been developed that encour- ages clinicians to carry on refining their practical skills and experience through a range of additional cours- es, study clubs, workshops and on- line resources. Full case mentoring is alsoprovidedandnewuserscansub- mittheirfirstcompletedcasesforre- view and evaluation the online sup- porttoachievefullaccreditation.” If dentists in the MEA region would like to use The New Concept of ABB, they should first attend the certifica- tioncourseoftheInmanAlignerAcad- emy. What exactly happens during the hands-on course and how does thisguaranteecertification? The hands on course is struc- tured in these different parts. Intro- duction, philosophy and terminol- ogy, applications and movement summary, case diagnosis and se- lection process, occlusion and arch planning, treatment execution IPR/ Anchors, finishing and retention, casediscussionandtroubleshooting, case submission process, support, marketing and implementation. To guarantee certification we recom- mend to submit the two first cases on the Inman Aligner forum online soyoucanbeguidedtoexecute An interview with Dr. Gun Norell “TheInmanAligner treatmenthasbeena greatsuccessfrom theverybeginningand thetreatmentusually onlytakes6-16week” thetreatment. Would you like to share anything ad- ditionalwithourreaders? Never stop being curious and open for new things - even if you are not convinced from beginning. It is never too late to learn new tech- niques. Always listen to and be hon- estwithyourpatient-thatwillmake youtrustyouandfeelconfidentwith you. For me Inman Aligner truly change my way of thinking of Den- tistry. After 30 years in the business I’mstillexcitedeverymorninggoing toworktoseewhateachnewdayhas tobring. Dr.GunNorell,Sweden Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 33 general dentistry Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/201633

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