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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

The future is smiling Saratoga Spa | via L. Savio, 7 | 33170 Pordenone | Italy t +39 0434 572600 | f +39 0434 572477 | Conceived by dental educators and designed by world-class Italian designers, the Smily Dental Simulator is a patented and multi dimensional teaching modality. Its modular construction addresses space considerations while providing self contained learning islands for ultimate teacher/student interface. In addition to teaching simulation the Smily platform incorporates multimedia capabilities that enhance the teaching process and accommodate the growing requirement for audio, video, data processing and image guided technologies: EasyTeach 3D and EasyLearn. EasyTeach 3D permits the video-transmission of lesson to all connected positions, monitoring in real-time all students. EasyLearn is a revolutionary computerized dental training system. It uses the latest in optic, imaging and simulation technologies to give the dental student the best and most effective training experience available in the world today. As s/he practices procedures, the dental student is provided with case history information about the simulated patient, on-screen visual tracking of the procedure s/he is performing, real-time digital feedback and evaluation of procedures performed. t +390434572600 | f +390434572477 |

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