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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

Intraoraldevice Intraoraldevice Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 28 research Intraoral Device for the treatment of Sleep Apnea ByDr.LuisGavin,Spain Bad sleep is the new boogeyman, threatening the overstimulated, overworked masses with disease and even an early death. Numerous scientific studies from research- ers around the world have dem- onstrated the harmful effects of sleep deprivation on human health. Whenstresslevelsgoup,peoplegain weight and forget things. Without shut-eye, the body doesn't have a chance to produce enough growth hormonestobuilditselfbackup. Sleep Apnea (SA) is a disorder that causes pauses in breathing dur- ing sleep that expose the heart to oxygen deprivation. It is common in patients with heart failure (HF) where it is associated with increased riskofhospitalizationsanddeath. In the treatment of snoring and sleep-disordered breathing the man- dibular repositioning devices are an increasinglyimportantinstrument. Its mechanism is based on the advancement of the mandible, which increases the dimensions of the upper airways and the air flow during sleep. Aim of this study was the investigation of the efficiency and tolerability of two types of ad- justable devices: one with screw jaw lateral excursion, opening and jaw protusion, and TAP, custom made appliances placed in 34 patients (24 men and 10women), mean age 47 years old, undergoing an ambula- tory, uncontrolled sleep screening before and after using the appliance during one month (placed onto the teethduringsleep). KeyWords OSAS, sleep apnea, snoring, protu- sion Introduction The OSA Syndrome (obstructive sleep apnea syndrome) is one of the clinical pictures that play an im- portant role in the chronic diseases. It has been demonstrated that a timely diagnosis and an adequate treatment can decrease neurological consequences and have a favorable effect on the cardiovascular health status of affected patients. Clinically it consists in the obstruction of the airflowduringsleepthatiscausedby apartialortotalcollapseoftheupper airway structures. These respiratory obstructions are accompanied by “snoring”andfrequentarousals. Patient have a number of symp- toms: daytime sleepiness and fa- tigue,duetoarestlesssleep;morning headache, loss of intellectual capaci- tiesandnighttimemicturition.Sleep apnea affects approximately 7% of the adult population, but the prob- lem may be underestimated, due to the growing global prevalence of obesity. For decades the continu- ous positive airway pressure (CPAP) mask has been the treatment op- tion of choice, but its’ disadvantages, rejection and intolerance on part of the patients complicate the opti- mumcomplianceofthetherapyand it has lost its therapeutic hegemony compared to other available alterna- tives.Thisresultedinthenecessityof working on other solutions that are equallyeffectivebutmoretolerable. New option of this new thera- peutic line is based on the increas- ing interest in the application of oral appliances, especially of mandibular advancement devices. The use of these devices is a simple, noninva- sive and completely reversible treat- ment option that achieves many advantages in comparison to other treatment solutions by an easy and immediate therapeutic way. These systems underwent technological developments in the last years the treatments of choice for patients who suffer from with snoring and mildormoderatesleepapnea. Why is important the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea? Impor- tance is based on the following rea- sons: 1. High prevalence in today’s soci- ety, as various studies have demon- strated in the last years. There exists an incidence of 28% for snoring, ap- proximately 49% of adults snore frequently and 35% habitually. The prevalence of OSA ranges from 6-8% inmalesand4-6%inwomenamong thegeneraladult,middleagedpopu- lation and this numbers increase markedlywithage. 2. It represents a problem in two as- pects, the social that converts these patients in intolerable bed partners and the more serious clinical impact of significant morbidity. These im- pactscanreachanoiselevelofabout 78-88dB(equaltothenoiseofatruck athighspeedonahighway).Thelim- it for hearing damages is estimated at an intensity of 75 dB. Snoring dis- turbs social and family relationships of patients. Its psychological pres- sure influences both lives, the daily routine of people who snore, as well as the every day life of people, who ÿPage29 HIGH TECHNOLOGY FOR DENTAL BLEACHING Pre-dosed Hydrogen Peroxide and thickener Tel: +971 6 5308055 Ideal dose for 2 arches 8 times mixing only P L UGGABLE SYRING E S Tel: +97165308055

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