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Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition No.2, 2016

Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/2016 15 oral health Figure1:BeforeusingAIR-FLOW Figure2:AfterusingAIR-FLOW Figure4 Figure6 Figure7 Figure5 Figure3:Using theAIR-FLOW Success with Air-Polishing Christina Chatfield explains how she has embraced air-polishing for both stain and biofilm removal ByChristinaChatfield,UK When I opened Dental Health Spa in 2007, I wanted to market something different to the Brighton consumer that other dental practices were not offering to their hygiene patients, so I invested in two air-polishing units. Was it new? No, it had been around for 30 years, so just about my entire clinical life. In fact, way back in 1999, I had one in my practice, where I had a nurse all the time, but I knew noth- ing about it other than it tasted foul, wasmessyandanightmaretomain- tain (or so I had heard). No one had shown me how to use it, I had never been taught anything about it dur- ingmytrainingatdentalschool–my bossdidnottellme,orindicatetome whyIhadone.Yetair-polishingisthe very thing that I have used to build mypracticeoverthelastsevenyears. All technology evolves, from twin tubs to automatic washing ma- chines, manual toothbrushes to the all singing oscillating, pulsating and sonic technology we have today. Things improve because research shows us what we want or need more. It’s about comfort, aesthetics, healthandfeelinggood. Moveforward30yearswithEMS and we can see how the powders haveevolved,enhancingcomfort,ef- ficacy, ease of use and, more impor- tantly,removalofbiofilm. Some of my patients say their teeth are sensitive. The sensitivity they commonly refer to is from ul- trasonic treatment. I am not talking about the patient who needs non- surgical root surface debridement, I am referring to our recall and main- tenance patients or people with lots of stain. So, initially we thought of air-polishers just for stain removal. With the latest family of powders, the move away from the larger grain size of classic sodium bicarbonate (at 65 microns) to smaller particle erythritol,(at14microns)meansthat patient comfort, taste and efficacy are instantly improved. This can be usedonbothstainandbiofilmabove and below the gum margin for our routine maintenance patients, with pockets less than 4mm or in the Perio-Flow hand piece for deeper biofilm disruption/removal. We can reduce the bacterial load at every ap- pointment, sub- and supra-gingival, as well as remove stain from the hard to reach places and from den- tine, quickly and effectively. No salty taste, no mess – what’s there not to like! For me, it’s down to two pow- ders: firstly, Comfort, the new supra- gingivalsodiumbicarbonatepowder from EMS. It has the same efficiency as the previous Classic powder, but more comfortable on the soft tis- sues with a smaller grain size (40 microns) for the removal of supra- gingival plaque and heavy extrinsic stainingwithafreshlemontaste. And for the whole mouth, the Plus powder, with erythritol, is great both sub- and supra- gingivally. This extra fine particle size of only 14 mi- crons, makes it great to use on all the soft tissues, including the tongue and in pockets, disrupting and kill- ing biofilm and removing stain. This can be used on both dentine and composites too. So, one powder that does everything and no changing of powder! Case studies - The proof is in thepudding 1. Hamish (Figures 1-5): worn lower anteriors, dentine exposed, heavily restored and crowned posterior up- per and lower dentition, perio good, nocalculus,lotsofstain. How would you normally treat him? Prior to Air-Flow Powder Plus, lots of scraping and abrasive polish- ing paste. A nightmare to treat and howlongwouldittake? This took 20 minutes, a much more pleasant experience for both Hamish and myself. It is easy to use and the softer powder meant that it was not traumatic to any of the soft tissues both supra- and sub-gingi- vally. A great all round mouth detox, tonguecleanandstainremoval.First thing I say to my clients as I sit them up before they even look is: ‘How does it feel?’ That feeling of clean, sells the Air-Flow before they have even seen the results, and then it’s thewowfactor! 2. Ben (Figures 6+7): he continued to lose attachment and mobility despite ongoing periodontal treat- ment. He is an unresponsive, chron- ic, generalised, severe periodontitis case. He has previously seen a peri- odontist, had been treated non-sur- gically,butwasreluctanttohaveany teeth taken out. Ben’s contributing factors are his stress levels, his brux- ism, oral hygiene due to poor access and his tolerance to maintenance therapy. He is an ex-smoker, hav- ing stopped six years ago. I took Ben to King’s as part of my diploma in periodontology. He had five molar extractions and a further course on non-surgicalinterventionmorethan 24 hours under local anesthetic (LA) and combined antibiotic therapy. I treated Ben in practice with Perio- Flow/Air-Flow, purely for biofilm management. He was assessed at eight weeks and surgical interven- tion was decided for the upper left quadrant and a Michigan splint to replacehisexistingsoftsplint. At nine months post-treatment, Ben’s tolerance would still be an is- sue. He is now treated with Air-Flow sub- and supra- gingival and his pockets remain below 4mm. My anxiety levels used to rise when treating Ben (as did his). He is now on a three monthly maintenance programme, and Air-Flow is our treatment of choice. It is quick, 100% effectiveandcomfortable. Market yourproduct Once you have a great product, you need to keep up-to-date and, like anythingelse,youneedtomarketit. I use radio advertising to market air-polishing and flyers, which I am about to update and introduce Air- Flow as our premium service. We are launching a Spa Plan for both our dental and our hygiene only clients and will be offering this premium service to our Spa Plan members. I bought the Air-Flow Master Piezon, having listened to the lectures at Europerio 7, mainly for my perio and implant patients. I now have two additional hygienists working alongside me. We have the Air-Flow Master Piezon in one of the surger- ies,whichmeansInowneedanother because we all see the benefits and it iskeyfordevelopingmySpaPlancli- ent database. I have additional mar- keting support from Dental Beauty TV that means my website is being updated with fantastic video clips, ChristinaChatfield Christina is a clinical director and hygien- ist at DentalHealthSpainBrighton. She qualified as a hygienist in Dundee in 1982. which in turn improves the Google search engine, and these can also be sent out as a download in newslet- ters. Hands-on courses are essential tounderstandhowinpracticalterms to both use and maintain Air-Flow and Perio-Flow. Sharing experiences with other colleagues will help you develop skills and ideas as to how to market them and up sell to your ex- istingclients. Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa Edition | 2/201615

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